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Eyewear Market: Prolonged Screen Time and Ubiquity of Smartphones to Keep Growth Upbeat

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Magnificent leaps in technological developments have manifested huge potential in terms of multi-functionality and convenience, but have however paved way for a host of anomalies. Massive growth upsurge and corresponding ubiquity in the adoption of smartphones and computers in the last decade have simplified workflow and user access.

However, prolonged on-screen time have also bolstered numerous alarming health conditions such as computer vision syndrome which have prompted severe eye disorders in the last decades. To offset such large scale eye conditions, adoption of improved glasses have witnessed large scale acceptance, thus catapulting tangible growth in eyewear market. Market Research Reports Search Engine’s (MRRSE) in its recent report addition titled, ‘Eyewear Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025‘, scouts for recent market advances and assesses their reciprocal implications on holistic growth route of eyewear market.

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Evolution in terms of improved eyewear variants is strongly backed by not mere high prevalence of eye disorders, but also by massive investments towards eyewear refurbishments to align with popular style sense besides offering uncompromised eye protection. Besides novelties in eyeglass shapes, manufacturers are also inclined towards offering superlative functional attributes such as blue light and UV protection to shield sun glare. Further, lightweight materials such as titanium, flexon, and stainless steel are highly adopted to comply with user demands for comfortable wear. Factors as such are projected to keep growth agile in eyewear market.

Besides prescription based glasses, owing to marked rise in disposable income and high affinity for superlative aesthetics, massive advances in sunglasses and lenses are also likely to supplement onward trend in eyewear market. The trend is also aided by tremendous scope in online retail with manufacturers investing massively towards improved supply chain management, eyeing sustainable revenue pools in eyewear market.

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Sunglasses and Contact Lenses to Fetch Lucrative Growth across North America

Elaborate research findings documented in the report on eyewear market has been meticulously evaluated to incur workable insights on market performance and valuations. The report in its subsequent sections elaborates on market segmentation and diversifies eyewear market into several segments such as product type and distribution channel. By product type eyewear market is classified into spectacles, contact lenses, and sunglasses. Based on distribution network the market is further classified into online, retail, and brand stores amongst several others. A section on regional scope has also been pinned in the report based on which eyewear market is demarcated into Europe, North and South America, MEA, and APAC. The trailing sections of the report entail detailed sections on key market contributors in eyewear market, complete with dashboard analysis of the benchmarked participants.