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Polybutylene Succinate Market – Global Industry Expert Opinions Analysis, Emerging Opportunities, Market Size, Share, Growth Drivers, Market Trends, Statistics And Forecast 2015 – 2020

Report Description

Polybutylene succinate (PBS) is also known as polytetramethylene succinate. Polybutylene succinate is obtained by the polymerization of the butylene succinate. Polybutylene succinate is a thermoplastic polymer resin which belongs to the polyester family. Polybutylene succinate is biodegradable aliphatic polyester. Polybutylene succinate has the property similar to that of polypropylene. Polybutylene succinate is highly flexible and heat resistant in nature. Polybutylene succinate can be used as a matrix polymer or as a modifier. Polybutylene succinate is used as a blend partner in combination with the polylactic acid (PLA). Polybutylene succinate finds a wide range of applications in the manufacturing of non-woven’s, textile, fiber, consumer goods, automotive interiors, electrics and electronics, packaging and diapers among others.

The growing plastic industry is expected to boost the overall demand for polybutylene succinate. Polybutylene succinate is widely used in the packaging industry. The growing demand for the attractive packaging of various products especially for attracting the customers has augmented the overall growth of the polybutylene succinate market in the coming future. The growing automobile industry is further expected to boost the overall demand for the polybutylene succinate. The growing demand for the light weight automobile in order to achieve fuel efficiency is expected to further drive the overall growth of the polybutylene market. The automobile interiors are manufactured using the polybutylene succinate. Various consumer goods are also manufactured using the polybutylene succinate. Polybutylene succinate remains stable even at high temperature owing to which, it is widely used in manufacturing of the various consumer goods such as microwave utensils. There is recent increase in the demand for the polybutylene succinate to manufacture the important electrical and electronic components. Polybutylene succinate is also used widely for the packaging of various pharmaceutical drugs. This packaging prevents the drug from contamination as well as helps in the safe transportation of the medicines.

Europe is the largest manufacturer of the polybutylene succinate. Owing to the presence of many manufacturing companies with huge production capacity Europe is the leading manufacturer of the polybutylene succinate. North America is the next largest manufacturer of the polybutylene succinate. Asia Pacific is the third largest manufacturer of the polybutylene succinate. Owing to the increasing presence of the polybutylene succinate China is expected to be the major producer of the thermoplastic in the coming future. Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market for the polybutylene succinate.

Eastman, Showa Denko K.K, Japan Mitsubishi and DuPont are some of the key manufacturers of the polybutylene succinate in the global market. Many companies are shifting their focus towards developing the bio-based polybutylene succinate. The volatile raw material prices coupled with the stringent environmental regulations is expected to hamper the overall growth of the market. Therefore, in order to reduce their dependencies on the depleting resources most of the companies are now investing in the research and development to manufacture polybutylene succinate from the bio based resources. Many companies are also focused towards increasing their production capacities which would help in catering the growing demand from the market as well as to achieve economies of scale and hence, have competitive advantage in the market. Most of the major players in the polybutylene succinate market are increasing their focus on achieving a larger market share and hence, increase their profitability.

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