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Global Wearable Computing Devices Market to be Propelled by Rising Income Levels

Article Description

High demand for wearable computing devices these days can be attributed to their autonomous and user-friendly nature, which matches and enhances people’s
modern lifestyle. These gadgets are designed aesthetically so that they suit the tastes and lifestyles of the customers. Wearable computing devices are
popularly known as wearables and the internet facilities in these are derived from Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular packaged data.

The main aim of these devices is to connect with other such connected devices and gadgets. Wearable devices are gaining much popularity in the area of
healthcare and fitness. The management of fitness and healthcare routines is becoming simplified with each passing day with the introduction and growing
popularity of wearable computing devices.

High Demand for Smart Accessories: A Key Market Driver

The global wearable computing devices market is segmented on the basis of product
type, adoption, and geography. Smart fitness devices, smart textiles, and smart accessories are the three key segments within the product segmentation of
the global wearable computing devices market. The segment of smart textiles is further classified into apparel, clothing, and innerwear. Smart watches and
smart bands are the two key sub-segments within the segment of smart accessories.

Ongoing trends indicate that the segment of fitness watches and fitness bands will grow robustly in the forthcoming years. Factors driving this segment
will be growing awareness amongst the masses about the availability of such products, rising income levels, and the attractiveness of such products to the
sophisticated urban demographic. On the basis of adoption, the wearable computing devices market is categorized into consumer adoption and business to
business adoption.

Cost Inhibitions, Niche Applicability to Restrain Wearable Computing Devices Market

Despite the growing popularity of wearable computing devices, there are several restraints that are expected to check the performance of this market over a
period of time. The high prices of these products are a prominent factor that affects demand. Apart from cost inhibitions, a rather small niche of the
total population actually realizes and understands the benefits of using wearable computing devices. People are often misled into thinking that wearable
computing devices are fashion accessories with limited usefulness.

A major issue with regard to the functionality and operability of wearable computing devices is that it can work only in conjunction with another mobile
device, such as a tablet or a smartphone. Incomplete understanding of the uses of wearable computing devices is restricting the demand for the same in a
big way. So, for a company to thrive and grow in the wearable computing devices market, it should spread awareness about the myriad uses of such devices.

Expansion of Consumer Base: Key Aim of Manufacturers

From the regional perspective, the global wearable computing devices market is classified into Asia Pacific, Western Europe, and North America. The
prominent companies in the wearable computing devices market are Samsung Electronics Co Ltd., Adidas AG, Fitbit Inc., Nike Inc., and Apple Inc.

A majority of these companies mainly focus on developing innovative wearable accessories and devices that make day-to-day interactions a bit simpler. By
doing this, companies are trying to acquire a larger customer base in the long run.

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