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U.S. Pregnancy Products Market to Expand with Increased Spending on Wellness Products

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The U.S. reported 6.1 million pregnancies in 2011. This, combined with the thrust on the national wellness movement is favorable for the development of the pregnancy market. The pregnancy products market in the U.S. will reach a valuation of US$439.2 mn by 2023 increasing from US$266.6 mn in 2014 at a CAGR of 5.7% from 2015 to 2023. 

The U.S. pregnancy products market is expanding due to several reasons. An increasing number of pregnant women and the availability of pregnancy care products through several distribution channels are fuelling the growth of this market. Moreover, the increasing awareness about the availability of a multitude of pregnancy care products that can help maximize wellness is further boosting the market’s growth. However, negative perceptions about the use of pregnancy products are challenging the growth of this market.

Use of Medically Tested Safe Products Important during Pregnancy

Pregnancy presents a number of health-related issues for both the expectant mother and the baby. It is a phase that requires utmost care about whatever is consumed or is topically applied as it could have an impact on the development of the fetus. The key issues usually concern the diet to follow, medication, and handling physical changes that occur in the body.

Skin care is a major challenge that has to be addressed during pregnancy and postpartum period. Skin care products that are used during this condition are absorbed by the body, hence need to be safe and not cause any side effects. Pregnancy-related skin conditions are mainly of three types: Benign skin conditions related to hormonal changes, pregnancy related dermatoses, and preexisting skin conditions. Benign skin conditions include hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and nail, hair, and vascular changes.

Stretch Mark Minimizer Leads Product Segment of Market

The pregnancy products market in the U.S. has been divided on the basis of product and region. On the basis of product, stretch mark minimizer, nipple protection cream, toning/firming lotion, stressed leg product, itching prevention cream, body-restructuring gel, breast cream, and others are the segments of this market. In 2014, stretch market minimizers formed the largest product segment in this market. This is because almost 90% of pregnant women develop stretch marks that need some topical application cream to prevent or minimize scarring. The long-term use of stretch mark minimizers and rising disposable incomes are favoring sales of stretch mark minimizers. However, only a select few products can prevent or reduce stretch marks; this will hinder the growth of the stretch market minimizer segment in the future.

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The others segment of the market comprises moisturizing creams, body wash, face creams, and dark spot treatments. During pregnancy, due to hormonal fluctuations, motion sickness and stress could lead to the loss of water and essential nutrients from the body. This results in dry, flaky, and itchy skin for which moisturizing creams and lotions are used as curative measures.

Some key companies that operate in the U.S. pregnancy products market are Clarins Group, Mama Mio US Inc., Novena Maternity, E.T. Browne Drug Co. Inc., Expanscience Laboratories Inc., Noodle & Boo, and Nine Naturals LLC.