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Biochar Market in the U.S to Grow thanks to the Introduction of Low-cost Biochar by Prime Players

Article Description

Biochar is a kind of charcoal utilized for soil amendment and is obtained through the process of pyrolysis.  Biochar is very useful for enhancing the fertility of soil and also provides natural carbon sequestration and this is why its demand is increasing worldwide. The carbon content of the soil is also maintained and enhanced by the use of biochar and it is also employed in a number of environmental applications such as the capture of zinc, phosphorous, nitrogen, and other metals.

Biochar-based products help in making healthy humus to be used within the soil. It also helps maintain the pH value of soil and increases the capacity of water retention, thus enhancing the germination of seeds. However, the biochar market in the U.S. is still at a nascent stage; the rise in the demand for biochar in the U.S market is taking place with the development of a number of small-scale production technologies. This is why a number of companies and research institutes are involved in the development of low-cost biochar, so that it becomes affordable for both sellers and buyers within the U.S market.

Application of Biochar in Agricultural Waste Management to Fuel U.S Biochar Market

The biochar market in the U.S is predicted to grow in the coming years due to the agronomic benefits provided by biochar, such as improved soil structure and high fertility, coupled with a number of environmental benefits including nutrient retention and stability. In addition, the availability of raw materials and presence of supportive government policies are also stimulating the U.S. market for biochar. Biochar is being highly demanded owing to it being a sustainable and easy way for handling agricultural waste. Furthermore, the rising number of manufacturers of biochar within the U.S is also a prime factor driving the biochar market in the U.S.

Absence of Consumer Awareness on Benefits of Biochar may Inhibit U.S. Biochar Market

Factors such as the absence of consumer awareness about the advantages of biochar may impede the growth of the market in the coming years. In addition, technological uncertainty within the U.S restraining the production capacity of biochar is also amongst the key factors that may have a negative effect on the growth of the market. Furthermore, the majority of biochar applications, such as energy production, are yet to be explored, which is why investments for carrying out biochar projects can prove to be a burden for manufacturers of biochar. This factor may also have a negative impact on the biochar market in the U.S. Hence, the success of the biochar market in the U.S is dependent on the numerous research and development activities aimed at establishing biochar as the key product with proven benefits.

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The prime players operating in the U.S biochar market include Agri-Tech Producers, LLC, Cool Planet Energy Systems, Inc., Biochar Supreme, LLC, The Biochar Company, and Full Circle Biochar. Some other players dominant in the market include CharGrow, LLC, BioChar Products, Hawaii Biochar Products, LLC, Genesis Industries, LLC, New England Biochar, Three Dimensional Timberlands, LLC, LLC, Phoenix Energy, Vega Biofuels, Inc., Tolero Energy, LLC, and Victory Gasworks, among others.