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North America Clocks Impressive Growth on the Back of Teeming Smartphone Users and Pervasive Mobile Internet

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An API (Application Program Interface) in its simplest form is a set of codes that enables seamless, concomitant functionality of two diverse software programs. APIs have been around for quite some time, more so because of its infinite functional possibilities across industries such as telecom industry. With massive revolution in telecom industry, new technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, and wireless connectivity have garnered mass attention. Incorporation of API therefore remains crucially vital for agile telecom services.

Ubiquity of smartphones and pervasive internet access on such devices have emerged as significant developments which further widen scope of telecom APIs. Lucrative internet packs with attractive offers have garnered mass adoption globally, inclusive of emerging mid and low income countries. Growing dependence and affinity for social media on smartphones has generated huge opportunities for telecom APIs. Besides social media, host of other mobile applications such Google Maps YouTube, and Flickr have become indispensable for millennial population.

Telecom API users occupy highly advantageous position to strategically optimize resource investments in reaching out to target audiences, thereby saving on time and cost with optimum reach. Additional features offered by telecom carriers such as improved bandwidth for unlimited streaming for a few mobile applications enabled by a pre-chosen API. This further markedly reduces marketing expenditure in identifying and targeting desired demographics.

Soaring consumer demands and expectations for resilient integration of high quality voice and SMS services into mobile applications is facilitating magnanimous adoption of telecom APIS to present elevate users’ communication experience. Developers target multifunctional telecom APIs. In this light, contemporary speech based applications are also used for SMS communication enabled by notifications.

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Facebook Likely to Elevate User Experience with Novel API for Google Chrome

Poised to diversify its functional scope in web standards, popular social networking giant, Facebook is likely to launch its maiden browser API for Google Chrome for superlative user experience allowing minimal turn-around-time to keystoke and clicks. The API is yet to receive clearance feedback from developers, following which this newbee in telecom API will be launched for managing queuing delays.

Mature markets such as North America boasts of lucrative possibilities in telecom API space, backed by a robust smartphone user base and mobile data users. Additional triggers such as imminent launch of 4G LTE carriers in the region is further expected to ensure impressive growth scenario in telecom API market.