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Healthcare Industries Adopt Steam Autoclaves as Response to Growing Rate of Nosocomial Infections

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Autoclaves have a high value in most healthcare organizations due to the superior level of sterilization that they offer. Steam autoclaves can be useful in hospitals as well as healthcare academics, due to the consistent presence of contaminated and reusable medical devices. A lot of these devices are subject to medically resilient bacteria and viruses that have developed a greater resistance to regular prescribed drugs. These infections, termed as nosocomial infections, are a cause of serious concern for all healthcare organizations. They severely complicate the recovery status of patients within the hospital and can even prove to be life-threatening for some. The fact that these infections are resistant to normally prescribed drugs elevates the urgency for healthcare organizations to prevent the spread of these infections.

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The Current Situation and Need for Steam Autoclaves

According to the Center for Disease Control, the U.S. alone has nearly 46.5 mn surgeries performed each year. This number is expected to keep increasing over time, owing to a growing population and increasing income levels and favorable reimbursement policies. The U.S. also has close to 5 mn endoscopies being performed each year. Regions such as Asia Pacific and other its emerging economies are showing a meteoric rise in the number of patients being treated through surgery and invasive diagnostics. These are the patients that are especially prone to nosocomial infections and need to be protected from the same. 

Sterilization norms have grown increasingly strict in all regions owing to the spread of these infections. They massively jeopardize patient safety and recovery periods and are therefore subject of high end research and studies. The prevention of most nosocomial infections starts with the sterilization of medical devices, and a steam autoclave is perhaps the most efficient unit to do so. The awareness of a steam autoclave’s proficiency is quite high in developed economies and is increasing rapidly in emerging ones, thereby ensuring a profitable future for the global players in the global steam autoclave market.

Technological Advancements Play a Core Role in Preference of Steam Autoclaves

The global steam autoclave market is already a high value market due to the increasing demand for these units. Further growth is expected for key players through the introduction of several advancements in technology. Technologies such as the E-beam and the use of gamma irradiation have boosted the demand for autoclaves. Furthermore, the intensifying competition within the key players is expected to introduce high compatibility products at lower prices, thereby catering to a favorable increase in demand and generating greater momentum for the global steam autoclave market in general. Traditional autoclaves are already a highly consolidated market segment along with tabletop autoclaves, especially in North America.

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The global steam autoclave market, however, does get restrained by the growing use of disposable medical devices. Disposable devices do not need any form of sterilization as they are immediately disposed of after singular use. The growing preference of disposable medical devices in healthcare organizations is therefore hindering the demand for steam autoclaves.