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Rapid Adoption of Digital Healthcare Solutions in North America Drives Global Market for Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Article Description

Over the past few years, the global healthcare market has seen significant changes. While innovative approaches for healthcare delivery emerge every day, the use of technology is increasingly improving workflow and efficiency in healthcare facilities. The positive impacts of technological interventions on the healthcare system are being widely recognized by government bodies as well. Traditional healthcare systems are being replaced by modern, digital healthcare systems and with the results that are being achieved from it, the transition looks highly encouraging – thanks to the latest technological innovations, interoperability, and analytics.

Wearable devices, Big Data capabilities, smart sensors, and IoT (Internet of Things) are collectively reshaping the global healthcare scenario. With the change being so rapidly adopted across the globe, a pressing need for securely and seamlessly connecting people, devices, and systems across the entire healthcare system has arisen.

As technology firms bring innovative solutions that can satisfy these needs and enable interconnections between every aspect of healthcare system, including treatment, recovery, prevention and diagnosis, healthy living, and home care, the market for digital transformation in healthcare is expected to see unprecedented growth in the coming years. Technology giants such as Intel, IBM, Apple, Samsung are venturing in the exciting race of digital healthcare and an increasing number of companies across the globe are investing on research and development of innovative ways to integrate connected devices, smart sensors, or e-checkup into a centralized care delivery system.

A recent market intelligence report published by the market research company Future Market Insights (FMI) projects that the global market for digital transformation in healthcare will expand at a healthy 13.7% CAGR between 2015 and 2025. If the growth rate holds true, the market will rise to a valuation of US$ 6,765.2 mn by 2025. The study credits factors such as the rising ageing population across the globe, increased adoption of e-health records, big data analytics solutions, and rising capabilities of cloud storage systems for market’s excellent future growth prospects.

Developed Regions Stay Ahead with Early Adoption; Developing Regions Following Suit

Highly developed healthcare infrastructure in regions such as North America and Europe allows the integration of many innovative technologies with aplomb, making digital transformation of the healthcare sector in these regions a viable trend. As a result, the 50% share of North America in the global digital transformation market in 2014 does not come as any surprise. Government interventions and significant investment towards making the region’s healthcare sector completely digital are factors that will allow North America to remain at the forefront of global healthcare digitization in the future years as well.

Healthcare facilities in major North America countries such as the U.S. and Canada are increasingly focusing on the adoption of CRM solutions, patient monitoring solutions, e-health records, healthcare information systems, and many other cloud-based e-health solutions for enhancing the overall structure of healthcare systems.

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Other regions are also swiftly progressing in the field of digital transformation in healthcare. In 2014, Western Europe and Asia Pacific collectively held 34% of the global market for digital healthcare transformation. The rapid proliferation of wearable devices and growing adoption of e-healthcare records in the regions are the key driving forces of digital healthcare transformation market.