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Global Market Study on Dental Implants: Asia Pacific to Witness Fastest Growth by 2020

2014-09-25 | USD 4600

Dentistry is defined as the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and the adjacent and associated structures using surgical, nonsurgical or related procedures.

Global Market Study on Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems – Software to Witness Highest Growth by 2020

2014-10-13 | USD 4600

A computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system is a healthcare information system which captures, stores, manages and transmits medical practitioner’s instructions electronically, for the treatment of patients.

Global Market Study on UCB Banking: Asia-Pacific to Witness Highest Growth by 2020

2014-10-21 | USD 4600

Umbilical cord blood (UCB) is collected from the umbilical cord of a newborn baby and also retrieved from the placenta after delivery. It is enriched with adult stem cells and these stem cells play a vital role in regulating all biological activities and in developing tissues in the human body.

Global Market Study on Mineral Supplements: Pharmaceutical to be the largest segment by 2020

2014-10-22 | USD 4600

The global supplements market is growing at a steady rate, majorly due to increasing consumer awareness about preventive healthcare. Mineral supplements are consumed in different forms, such as capsules, pills, powder, gel caps, granules, tablets, and liquid.

Global Market Study on Bioinformatics – Asia to Witness Fastest Growth by 2020

2014-10-22 | USD 4600

Bioinformatics is the combination of biology and information technology. It is used widely in the management of biological information in the field of medical, research and developments of drugs.

Global Market Analysis for Bioplastics Packaging: F&B Industries in Germany, US & China Promoting Use of Bioplastics Packaging in 2014-2020

2017-11-14 | USD 4600

Persistence Market Research has comprehensively studied and executed a global analysis on the market for bioplastics packaging, which is compiled in the report. Availing this report shall provide an in-depth assay and estimation on the global market for bioplastics packaging for a six-year forecast period of 2014-2020.

Global Market Study on Biosensor: Asia-Pacific to Witness Highest Growth by 2020

2014-10-28 | USD 4600

Biosensors are integrated devices which are capable of providing analytical information using biological samples. Biosensors consists of a biological recognition unit, which has the ability to interact with bio-elements, such as living tissue, enzymes, and antibodies, and a transducer, which is used to change the property of bio-elements into an electrical signal.

Global Market Study on Cranio Maxillofacial Implants: Asia to Witness Highest Growth by 2020

2014-10-29 | USD 4600

Cranio maxillofacial surgery refers to a procedure for treatment of a severe injury to the cranial and facial bones. Surgery is usually performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and may require an orthopedic trauma specialist, who focuses on caring for patients in critical condition. 

Global Market Study on Frozen Food: Frozen Ready Meals to be the Largest Segment by 2020

2014-10-31 | USD 4600

Busy life schedule is influencing consumers to shift their dietary preferences towards ready-to-eat food products. Hence, frozen foods have become an important part of modern diet. Freezing or refrigeration allows consumers to have access to foods which were either unavailable or available only during particular season.

Global Market Study on Cell and Tissue Culture Supplies: Asia to Witness Highest Growth by 2020

2014-12-02 | USD 4600

Cell culture is the process by which cells are grown under appropriate conditions. It involves cultivation of plant or animal cells under favorable lab conditions.