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Indian POU Water Purifiers Market Led by RO-based Segment in Terms of Current Market Share as well as Growth Rate to 2020

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Waterborne diseases cause over 100,000 deaths in India, the World Health Organization reported in 2010. Water contamination continues to plague the Indian healthcare system, leading authorities to spend millions of dollars on ensuring clean potable water supply to cities and rural areas alike. Moreover, environmental pollution continues to remain a problem that India is grappling with – this has rendered several groundwater reserves unfit for human consumption. Point of use (POU) water purifiers fill this gap that has long existed in the Indian market and continues to do so.

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According to Future Market Insights, a leading publisher based in the UK, the India POU water purifiers market will report a promising CAGR of 18.5% to 2020. By this year, the POU water purifiers market in India will stand at US$ 1.6 billion. In volume terms, by 2020, about 18 million units of POU water purifiers will comprise the market in India by 2020.

Factors Impelling Growth in the India POU Water Purifiers Market

According to recent market research reports, the key factors driving the POU water purifiers market in India are:

· A brisk rate of growth of the Indian economy as an expansion in the disposable income of the middle class. Indians are now moving towards a better, more urban standard of living and are concerned about their health.

· There is greater awareness about exposure to serious health risks from drinking contaminated water. This has prompted more consumers – based on their income levels and requirements – to invest in different types of POU water purifiers.

· The adoption of products that are considered the standard for developed nations is now also seen in India – this also includes POU water purifiers. Given that water pollution is a serious concern in India, market participants have scope to launch cost-effective yet feature-rich products.

Browse the full Global Indian POU Water Purifiers Market Report:

Brands Compete for Market Share across Various Segments

Based on the purification technology used, the India POU water purifiers market can be classed into: UV-, RO-, and gravity-based purifiers. The largest share of the market is currently held by the RO-based POU water purifiers segment (53%). The UV-based water purifiers segment stands at a distant second with 25% market share whereas 22% of the market is held by the gravity-based POU water purifiers.

The India POU water purifiers market is led by Eureka Forbes with their very popular range of ‘Aquaguard’ UV-based water purifiers. When Kent entered the Indian market a few years ago, they cashed in on the untapped market of RO-based water purifiers. Hindustan Lever’s Pureit and Tata’s Swach were also largely successful in making inroads into the low-cost gravity-based POU water purifiers market.