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Popularity of Sports Supplements no Remedy to Potential Side Effects

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Exercise has always been an essential part of a healthy lifestyle but the addition of sports supplements to it is a fairly recent addition. Sports supplements add dietary nutrients that are essential to healthy recovery of athletes. One of the oft-ignored facts about exercise is that it is the recovery that matters more than the exercise itself. That exercise helps build a fitter body may sound like a truism, but what exercise actually does is break down your muscles, stress your connecting tissue, and overload your circulatory system. It is the body’s natural ability to rebuild a stronger model while recovering from such short-term trauma that imparts the many benefits attributed to exercise.

The importance of recovery to exercise is why sports supplements are so popular. These products, which are usually manufactured in a formulation that is easily digested and assimilated into the body, make a vital contribution to recovery from exercise. Sports supplements replenish a particular structural component of the body, helping repair the damage caused to it and quickening recovery.

Protein Supplements Rising Strongly in the Sports Supplements Market

Among the many types of sports supplements, protein supplements are the most popular. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and are employed in the rebuilding of muscles after a workout.

The main reasons for sports supplements companies focusing on protein supplements are as follows:

  • Protein and other sports supplements used to be the domain of professional athletes. However, the widespread presence of gyms and fitness centers in today’s increasingly health-conscious world means that supplement manufacturers are now targeting their products at the average gym-going consumer rather than professional athletes. This vastly expands the consumer base available to manufacturers.
  • This shift in the targeted consumer demographic is supported by the rapid growth of supermarkets and emergence of hypermarkets around the world. Sports supplements are now becoming available in not just gyms but also just about every shop round the corner, making it incredibly easy for consumers to buy them.
  • The strong emergence of online retailing has also aided the growth of the protein supplements segment. There were more than 190 million online shoppers in the U.S. alone in 2010 and the figure is expected to comfortably cross the 200-million mark by 2018. The wide spread of the Internet has also helped increase healthcare awareness among the masses, thanks to the presence of numerous websites dedicated to fitness and exercise.

Protein supplements are also less risky than some other sports supplements. Some supplements, particularly those alleged to burn fat, carry a high risk of side effects. Some can cause strokes, heart attack, or even death, particularly when inadvertently mixed with a contrasting supplement. This constitutes a major threat to the sports supplements market, as there is no global governing body to regulate the biological nature of these substances. Despite this handicap, this market will grow bountifully thanks to an ever-increasing consumer base and ease of customer approach.