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Poland Facilities Management Market: Service Providers try to Outshine Each Other with an Array of Product Offerings

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On account of the presence of a copious number of international and domestic service providers, the facilities management market in Poland is highly fragmented. Competition in the market is red hot too with the key service providers trying to outdo one another by adding to their product offerings and entering into strategic contracts. Some of the top-tier players operating in the market are Impel Tech Solutions, Sodexo, Inc., Bilfinger HSG Facility Management GmbH, and Cushman & Wakefield. 

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The facilities management market in Poland is a key one. This is because the major participants in the market together accounted for a whopping 74.3% share in it in 2015. The market is slated to rise at an impressive CAGR of 9.7% from 2016 to 2023 to reach a value of US$32.62 bn by 2024 from US$14.34 bn in 2015. 

Corporate Sector, Keen on Bettering Core Competencies, Grosses Maximum Revenue  

Depending upon the type of end-use industry, the key segments of the facilities management market in Poland are healthcare, corporate, government and public, manufacturing, residential and educational, retail and commercial, etc. The other segments are sports and food service facilities which require facilities management services to support their routine business activities. The corporate sector, among the various end-use segments, grosses maximum revenue in the Poland facilities management market. 

Depending upon the services, the market can be further classified into hard services and soft services. Among the two, the soft services segment holds a substantial leading share in the market.  

Savvy Organizations’ Thrust on Improving Productivity Leads to Growth in Market 

At the forefront of driving growth in the Poland facilities management market is the significant rise in demand for outsourced services to manage and up productivity across the manufacturing, corporate, retail, and industrial sectors. Going forward too, they will propel the market in the long run because of the increasing penetration of Poland-based outsourced facilities management services in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America. 

A noticeable trend in the Poland facilities management market is the rising uptake of cloud-based solutions. The cloud-based platform facilitates easy process integration, proper energy utilization, and real-time tracking with inbuilt safety and security features. This has been necessitated by the stiff competition across almost all sectors, which has prompted organizations to drastically improve their core services. 

Limited Awareness about Facilities Management Hampers Growth 

One factor likely to hamper growth in the Poland facilities management market is the dearth of awareness about the advantages of effective management of facilities in improving overall profit margins of a business. Another dampener is the preference for in-house facility management services, especially across sectors where the provision of facilities management services requires the resources to develop skill and knowledge for better customer service.

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The market for facilities management in Poland might also be hurt by the spiking cost of labor, which has a direct bearing on the overall cost of a facilities management project. This would also encourage companies to put in place a facilities management department in house to support their core services.