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Global OLED Display Market Managed to Record Significant Growth on Account of Rising Demand for OLED Display Equipped Devices

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In spite of its unstable historic performance, the global OLED display market has managed to record an impressive growth in the last couple of years. The rising awareness regarding the benefits of OLED technology among consumers have resulted in the increasing usage of OLED displays, adding significantly to the development of this market.

Apart from this, the increase in the application of OLED displays in mobile phones and tablets, together with the soaring demand for OLED televisions is also fueling the market growth. However, the high cost associated with the production of OLED displays is expected to hamper the market growth to a great extent. Additionally, the low penetration of technically advanced products coupled with decreasing prices of the existing ones such as LCD and LED are adding to the challenges that the market is facing already.

Although at a sluggish rate, the market for global OLED displays is gearing up for expanding its global reach. Taking this in account, let us focus on the performances of various segments and the regional markets of this industry:

· The OLED display market in Asia Pacific is the market leader among all the regional markets and is expected to maintain its leading position in the near future.

· The market in Europe is projected to report the fastest growth in the coming years on the account of soaring demand for smartphones, tablets, and OLED TVs.

· Similarly, the OLED display market in North America offers immense opportunities owing to the large consumer base that use smartphones, tablets, and other devices equipped with OLED displays.

· The market for active Matrix OLED, also known as AMOLED is leading the global market with almost 80% share. These AMOLED displays are mostly employed in smartphones, owing to their advanced picture quality, contrast, and response time. The rising market for smartphones has further increased opportunities for the AMOLED market segment.

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· In 2012 among end users the market for mobile phones held around 71% of the overall market followed by the OLED TVs market. In the coming years, the market for OLED TVs are projected to witness tremendous growth and surpass the mobile phones market. The manufacturers are working on developing large-size OLED displays that is expected to give an incredible boost to the OLED TVs market.

· The market for digital cameras and tablet PCs are expected to add significantly to the growth of this market on account of the regular technical advancement in the technology employed.

The major players operating in the global OLED display market are Samsung Electronics, Rit Display, Tdk, Pioneer, LG, Visionox, Au Optronics Corp., and Sony Corp., wherein, Samsung leads the market with around 70% share in the overall OLED display market. One of the key reasons behind the dominance of Samsung is Apple being the major consumer of Samsung for its gen-next iPhones and tablet PCs.