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Mobile Phone Accessories: Sales of Portable Chargers Continue to Increase Rapidly

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Amazon recently reported that since Pokémon Go was launched, the sales of their power banks, especially high-capacity power banks, have increased tremendously. Pokémon Go has thus not only boosted the popularity of Nintendo, but also increased the sales of portable chargers, power banks, and batteries of smartphones. This fits into the general trend of mobile gaming becoming one of the most popular pastimes of today. The increasing use of smartphones by mobile game lovers has led to the growing demand for mobile phone accessories. This is expected to propel the global mobile phone accessories market. 

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The global mobile phone accessories market is projected to exhibit a 6.90% CAGR from 2015 to 2025. The market has growth tremendously in the recent past owing to the rising adoption of smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. The consistently decreasing prices of smartphones and tablets have also supported the growth of the market. The increasing adoption of smartphones by tech savvy people from across the globe is the key factor contributing towards the growth of the global market for mobile phone accessories.

Demand for Portable Chargers Continues to Increase

People across the globe are adopting various smart devices, opening up new opportunities to communicate, educate, entertain, and shop. Smart devices continue to connect various aspects of people’s daily lives with their smartphones. Brands such as BYD Inc., Sony Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Beats (Apple Inc.), Sennheiser Electronics GmbH & Co. KG, Otterbox, Griffin Technology, Energizer, Samsung Electronics, JVC Corporation, Plantronics Pty Ltd, and Bose Corporation are consistently taking efforts to introduce new smartphone accessories in the global market.

Mobile phone accessories comprise portable chargers, headphones/earphones, protective cases, memory cards, portable speakers, and others. The easy availability of mobile phone accessories through various multi-brand stores, online stores, electronic stores, and single-brand stores is expected to propel the global market for mobile phone accessories. As modern smartphone batteries often fail to manage heavy usage, the demand for portable batteries continues to increase. Apart from portable chargers, the demand for memory cards and protective cases is expected to increase in the near future.

Trends that will Boost Demand for Mobile Phone Accessories

The global mobile phone accessories market is extremely fragmented with many startups aiming to expand their operations. Considering the growth opportunities in the market, many new entrants are entering the mainstream. The demand for wireless accessories is expected to be the highest throughout the forecast period. The growing preference for simplicity and comfort is expected to have a key impact on the demand for wireless mobile accessories. Even though the demand for wireless mobile accessories is consistently increasing, high prices are predicted to hamper the segment’s growth.

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The global mobile phone accessories market is segmented on the basis of product type, distribution channel, region, and price range. Regionally, the global mobile phone accessories market is divided into Latin America, North America, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the Middle East and Africa.