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Mechanical Ventilators Market: Advances in Neonatal Ventilators to Accrue Lucrative Scope

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Respiratory diseases continue to remain one of the most fatal ailments across the globe. According to a report by World Health Organization (WHO), lower respiratory infections is considered a menacing communicable disease, which claimed over 3 million lives across the world in 2016. Chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs) obstructing normal functioning of the airways and lung is a fast growing global havoc. Characterized by a host of clinical conditions such as COPD, asthma, pulmonary hypertension, and lung diseases, these life threatening maladies account for large scale deaths across developed and developing economies alike. Surged incidences of pediatric asthma besides escalating adult victims, coupled with incidences of COPD across mid and low income economies expedite adoption of artificial aids to offset high death tolls, thereby paving novel avenues and incremental growth opportunities in mechanical ventilators market.

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Mechanical Ventilators Witness Tangible Adoption on the Back of Proliferated Occupational Respiratory Ailments

Besides genetics, massive advances in industrialization and its corresponding implications such as high pollution levels are likely to propel increased incidences of respiratory diseases in the near future, thereby further entailing adoption and concomitant growth in mechanical ventilators market. Growing burden if occupational lung diseases over prolonged exposure to dust, chemicals, organisms, and proteins has garnered palpable attention owing to extreme immunological responses amongst victims. To tackle such interstitial lung diseases, rampant adoption of mechanical ventilators continues to remain viable choice amongst end-users. Prolonged exposure to hazardous elements leading to occupational lung diseases is a prying menace across the globe, more emphatically in mid-and low income countries with compromised working conditions.

Mobile Mechanical Ventilators Revolutionize Mobility, Home Care Settings

Substantial spike in geriatric population and life expectancy has entailed complicated medical conditions such as acute respiratory diseases. However, frequent hospital visits for primary medical aid pertaining respiration is a significant challenge amongst the elderly. To counterfeit such challenges, medical fraternity has fast embraced advanced technologies such as mechanical ventilators to render long term clinical benefits and user convenience thereby ensuring quality of life. Home ventilators enable advanced care and adequate respiratory aid outside typical hospital settings. Considering mobility, refurbished mechanical ventilators are designed to remain exceptionally light weight with integrated battery system to support outdoor travel and home care settings.

International Behemoths Invest in High Value Transactions to Secure Sustainable Revenue Pools

Yet another growing concern is rising mortality rates amongst infants with acute respiratory malfunctions. The condition is closely followed by larger number of preterm births and appalling rates of respiratory defects spotted amongst premature infants. These dismal scenarios have significantly encouraged titans in mechanical ventilator space to diversify offerings with improved neonatal ventilators. To cite an instance, leading manufacturer Vyaire Medical has recently accomplished its acquisition deals of Acutronic and IMT Medical which are international providers of high end mechanical ventilators in the ambit of neonatal respiratory care. These high value transactions are likely to further leverage incremental growth in mechanical ventilator market in forthcoming years.