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Global 3D Printing Market Steps up Innovations to Serve Customers Better

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Although invented in 1984 by Charles Hull, 3D printers became commercially available in 2009, when the patent for 3D printing expired. Once the technology was easier to avail, numerous companies started taking advantage of it and thus began the strong charge into developments in the global 3D printing market

The global 3D printing market has gathered the attention of a large number of customers from 2012 due to the research efforts that transpired till then. The global 3D printing market today stands on the verge of massive breakthroughs in multiple sectors such as aeronautics and healthcare.

The Hype around the Global 3D Printing Market

The global 3D printing market has received massive amounts of attention from media and research locations around the world. 3D printing has, in fact, been hailed as the technology that will usher in the third industrial revolution in the world. The media frenzy surrounding the global 3D printing market over the past few years has created huge interest and thus opportunities for startups to pop up in the market. The range of 3D printers today varies from the standard ones that use ABS plastics to high-end metal 3D printers.

Where the Global 3D Printing Market could Derive its Phenomenal Growth Rate from

Although the list could possibly stretch out to incorporate the entire manufacturing sector in theory, here are some fields that are set to pick up 3D printing for their own purposes:

· The trillion-dollar oil and gas industry can make use of the global 3D printing market. In fact, it’s set to become the largest consumer of 3D printing over the coming years.

· The aerospace industry will find the global 3D printing market extremely valuable in terms of creating highly specific tools and equipment.

· The global 3D printing market is already reaching previously unimagined heights and shows no signs of relenting. 3D printing manufacturing techniques are becoming increasingly accessible to a larger consumer base as prices drop and companies in the global 3D printing market proliferate.

Of Printed Medicines and Drug Company Futures

In August 2015, the FDA approved the first pill that could be printed. The pill, containing spritam levetiracetam, is used to control seizures in epilepsy patients and can be created using 3D printing instead of the conventional tableting machine. The drug can be created using a 3D printer that layers the active and inactive components between each other in a layer format. The manufacturer, Aprecia, said that 3D printing allows them to make more potent medicines. The drug takes less time to take effect and allegedly is completely dissolved into stomach fluids within ten seconds.

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The Hong Kong Productivity Council has recently opened a center that educates the public on the use of 3D printers and helps promote their use in order to create stronger infrastructure. Around the world, the global 3D printing market includes GE Aviation, Addenbrooke, Reebok, BMW, Dyson, Ford, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin. Each company has created a giant scope for themselves in the global 3D printing market, leveraging recent trends to their benefit