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Industrial Logistics Robot Market: Dependency on Robots across Various Sectors to Push the Growth

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Industrial logistics robot market is majorly driven by the automation of the processes at the manufacturing end point. It has been estimated that the
global industrial logistics robot market is expected to be worth US$31.3 billion by the end of 2020. Some of the key advantages of deploying logistics
robot are:

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  • Higher Efficiency:
    Robots never get tired and are able to manufacture at a faster rate with accuracy in comparison to manual labor. Products are handled more precisely by
    robots which lead to reduced product loss due to damage.
  • Reduction in Labor Costs:
    Robots are built to operate in harsher environments and can do repetitive tasks for 24 hours a day throughout the week. Also, over the long run robots
    prove to be cheaper compared to manual labor.
  • Increased Safety of Workers:
    Some of the logistics operations include physically demanding jobs and use of robots reduces the rate of injuries that workers may suffer.

Industrial logistics robots are used across various sectors to perform activities such as palletizing and depalletizing boxes and bottles of different
shapes, material handling, and packaging.

Industrial Logistics Robots across Various Industries

Following are some of the key industries utilizing the efficiency of logistics robots:

  • Semiconductor and Electronics:

In semiconductor and electronics industry, precision and accuracy are the most important aspects. Also, speed in manufacturing process might lead to the
damage of the thin electronic wafers by direct human labor. Kawasaki, one of the leading players in global industrial logistics robot market has introduced
robots such as grippers and aligner, to handle the delicate semiconductor wafers, solar panels, and LCD panels used in the semiconductor industry. Other
players are also developing various logistics robot due to the increasing demand from the semiconductors and electronics industry.

  • Electrical:

In electrical and electronics sector logistics robots such as Cartesian robots, cylindrical robots, and articulated robots are widely used. Some of the
industry players such as Yamaha, Mitsubishi, and ABB have introduced robots to attend to the requirements of the electrical industry to manufacture high
quality products.

  • Food and Beverage:

Robotic automation offers a number of advantages to the food and beverage sector. Hygiene is a crucial aspect for manufacturing in food industry. Logistics
robots such as a robotic cutter perform cutting operations on different meat products, thereby providing enhanced productivity while decreasing food
contamination. Latest advancements in the field such as spectral imaging and robotic fore-sensing will allow robots to “see and feel”, which will be
helpful in various logistics operations in the food and beverage sector.

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  • Life Science and Pharmaceutical:

Industry players are focusing on decreasing the size of robotic equipments for their use in laboratories in pharmaceutical industry as well as in
performing the minimally invasive operations. In clinical laboratories robots are used for drug discovery and research. With increased demand for logistics
robots in assembly and packaging of medical devices, robots have a huge opportunity in life science and pharmaceutical applications.

  • Automotive

Automotive industry has been using industrial robots in a number of operations such as painting car bodies, and assembling and installing automotive parts.
In the production of Ford Escape in 2013, the company used a robotic arm fitted with laser and camera to install the parts in the car body accurately. BMW
has introduced collaborative robots to its assembly line. Automotive industry is expected to boost the growth of the industrial logistics robot market in
the near future.