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India POU Water Purifier Market to Rise at 18.5% CAGR from 2014-2020, RO Water Purifiers Retain Dominance

Article Description

Water purifiers are basic but efficacious and incredibly useful tools in the developing world, where clean drinking water can’t always be taken for
granted. Purification of water removes macroparticles such as dust, pollen, or other such particles, and also eliminates microbial populations present in
the water. The level of purification depends on the sophistication of the technology employed in the purifier.

India is one of the major developing countries in the world but lags behind its rivals when it comes to clean water supply. Water purification techniques
used in India with regard to public water resources are inadequate and often antiquated, traditional filtration techniques used in the rural parts of the
country are ineffective, and the urban population is not sufficiently conscious about water purification. However, growing awareness about the importance
of water purification and increasingly easy availability of water purifiers is expected to reverse this trend in the coming years, propelling the India POU water purifiers market at a robust 18.5% CAGR from 2014 to 2020.

RO, Gravity Water Purifiers to Claim Dominant Share in India Water Purifiers Market

Among the three main product types in the India POU water purifiers market, UV purifiers lose out to RO (reverse osmosis) and gravity water purifiers due
to their higher costs. RO purifiers, which keep out salts and bacteria by forcing water through a semipermeable membrane that only allows the passage of
certain substance through it, have historically been the dominant type of water purifiers in India and are expected to retain market leadership.

Gravity water purifiers, which essentially work on the simple process of pollutants in the water settling at the bottom due to the effect of gravity, are
gaining popularity among the Indian consumer base due to their simplicity of design. Another factor propelling demand for gravity water purifiers is that
they don’t necessarily need electricity to function, in contrast to the other two types of water purifiers. Despite ambitious development plans formulated
by the Indian government, power cuts are still a regular feature of day-to-day life in the emerging country and water purifiers that don’t rely on the
fickle resource are, naturally, in demand.

According to geography, the India market for water purifiers is segmented into the North, South, East, and West regions. Uniform growth is expected in all
these segments, with the exception of East India, which is expected to lag behind the other three due to a relative lack of urbanization.

Moderately Consolidated Competitive Landscape of India Water Purifiers Market Set to Change Drastically

The India POU water purifier market’s competitive landscape is dominated by established companies such as PureIt and Aquasure. Due to the overall small
size of the market, not many companies have managed to establish a firm foothold in the market. Some of the ones that have are Kent RO System, Hindustan
Unilever, Eureka Forbes Ltd., Luminous Water Technologies, and Panasonic.

Thanks to the expected expansion of the India water purifiers market, investment feasibility of the market is set to increase. This could prompt more
multinational manufacturers of water purifiers to enter the India POU water purifiers market during the forecast period, which will alter the dynamics of
the market drastically.

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