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Healthcare Cloud Computing Could Soon go Viral in Asia Pacific: Here is a Lowdown

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Healthcare cloud computing is an emerging aspect of the healthcare industry used to document and store patient information in a secure and easily accessible manner. Cloud services are employed in dealings between the healthcare provider and the pharmaceutical supplier as well as between the healthcare provider and the patient. The latter category includes record keeping for operations such as billing and prescription.

Cloud computing services enjoy a growing demand from the healthcare sector thanks to the immense convenience they offer to all parties in a healthcare transaction. It requires the presence of sufficiently advanced technological infrastructure in the healthcare industry, which is why the market enjoys heavy demand from the developed countries in North America and Europe. Other factors responsible for the market’s growth are:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Due to the involvement of cloud services, various middling costs in the formalities of the healthcare industry are eliminated. This makes healthcare cloud computing highly cost-efficient in the long run, thus justifying the relatively high outlay required to establish a compatible technological support system.
  • Government Support: The healthcare facilities in much of North America and Europe are to a large degree state-funded. This means that the cost-effectiveness of healthcare cloud computing makes it a highly valuable proposition for governments in the region. Increasing support from government subsidies and favorable regulation is helping the healthcare cloud computing market grow in these regions.
  • Involvement of IT Giants: The immense profitability on offer in the healthcare cloud computing market, due to the aforementioned government support, has resulted in growing involvement from IT giants in developed countries. This is making the market more competitive in developed regions but is helping advanced products emerge regularly.

These are the prime causes for the firm establishment of the healthcare cloud computing market in developed regions. Developing regions such as Asia Pacific and Latin America offer immense scope for the market. The healthcare industries in these regions are still emerging, and many aren’t heavily state-supported. This offers higher profit margins for IT companies interested in staking a claim in the healthcare cloud computing market.

The nascent market is hamstrung in emerging regions at present, due to the lack of sophisticated technological infrastructure and skilled personnel. These issues should not be hard for cloud computing giants to get around, though, as ongoing technological advancement in the region will solve these problems in due time.

The growing popularity of cloud-enabled mobile devices in these rapidly emerging regions is contributing to the growth of the market. The smartphone market in Asia Pacific, aided by the increasing spending power of consumers, is among the largest in the world. The IT sectors in countries such as India, China, Japan, and South Korea are also expected to continue their recent steady growth trajectory, helping the healthcare cloud computing market gain a foothold in this region.