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Rising Prevalence of Celiac Disease Propels Gluten-free Products Market

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Gluten-free products are those products that exclude the protein gluten, which is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and others. These food products are primarily being consumed by people suffering from celiac disease. Since the people suffering from celiac disease react adversely to gluten, causing inflammation in their small intestines, they need to strictly maintain a gluten-free diet. This is primarily driving the global gluten-free products market. 

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Factors Impacting the Growth of Gluten-free Products Market:

  • Rising number of people with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease is driving the global gluten-free products market.
  • Rise in the number of people following a gluten-free diet for efficient weight management and overall health is boosting the gluten-free products market.
  • Changing lifestyles of consumers across the globe are impacting the market positively.
  • Rising demand for innovative gluten-free bakery products is propelling the market.
  • Lack of awareness among people regarding celiac disease acts as a major challenge for the global gluten-free products market.
  • A large number of market players operating in the global gluten-free products market are concentrating on the fresh food industry. This is expected to open new doors of opportunity in the market in the coming years.

Europe to Dominate Gluten-free Products Market in Future

Europe not only held a dominant position in 2014 by accounting for 52.5% of the global gluten-free products market, but it is anticipated that the region would retain its dominant hold over the market even in the coming years. The major reason behind the growth of the market in the region is expected to be the changing perception of consumers regarding products containing gluten. People are increasingly becoming intolerant towards products containing gluten, due to heightened awareness about its ill-effects. Moreover, a rising number of people in the region link the consumption of gluten-free food products with weight loss. This is further aiding the market’s growth in Europe. A rise in the number of health conscious people, is thus propelling the gluten-free products market in the region.

How Product Innovations by Key Players Benefit Gluten-free Products Market

Boulder, one of the key players operating in the global gluten-free products market has partnered with Udi’s, which is a gluten-free brand in North America, and Pizza Hut. This has resulted in the launch of two varieties of gluten-free pizza by Pizza Hut, made available across 2,400 locations in the region.

Dr Schar AG/SpA, another key player in the gluten-free food products market has recently revamped their original line of bread. Introducing a new style of bread called the Artisan Baker bread, the company has presented gluten-free loaves for people suffering from celiac disease.

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Attempts such as these by key market players have received positive response from consumers at large, thus further motivating companies to come up with newer gluten-free food product ranges.

Other key companies that are aiding the growth of the global gluten-free products market include: Freedom Foods Group Ltd, Genius Foods Ltd, and Hain Celestial Group Inc.