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Giant Leaps by Top Players in the Global Seed Treatment Market Expand its Horizons

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Seed treatment is the use of active ingredients, either biological or chemical, on seeds before they are packaged or planted. The mixture may contain pesticides, but this is not common. Although there have been instances of farmers treating seeds from 2000 B.C., in modern agriculture, the global seed treatment market provides a great alternative to conventional methods of using pesticides and fungicides that are far more harmful to the crop and the land it’s cultivated on. A novel way of further protecting the seeds from birds is to add a little color to the seed treatment mix. Birds find the oddly colored seeds distasteful and it gives the added advantage of the seeds being easier to spot in the case of spillage. 

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Environmental Problems Caused by Seed Treatment Restraining Market

The effectiveness of seed treatment methods has imparted many advantages to modern agriculture, but has also created a few problems for the Earth’s ecosystem. For example, the French believe that the use of imidacloprid in the mixture for seed treatment had severely affected the population of bees in the areas where it was used. Fearing a major disturbance in the food chain, the French government banned the chemical from being used. In another case, the dust that blew up from land drilling where seed treatment mixtures were used caused health issues for a multitude of living creatures in the vicinity. Advanced pneumatic drills are being used to minimize the creation of dust particles while drilling. At the same time, the compounds used in seed treatment are being researched on to create ones that will not break apart into fine dust particles.

Global Seed Treatment Market Marches on the Backs of its Key Companies

The key players in the global seed treatment market are Nufarm, Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd., Dow Agro Sciences, Advanta India Ltd., Chemutra Agro Solutions, DuPont, Bayer CropScience, Syngenta, and Monsanto. Each company is creating substantial marks in the development track of the global seed treatment market. Syngenta, for instance, has recently announced that it will invest US$20 mn in expanding their Northfield research center. Bayer CropScience launched a new facility in Shakopee in 2015. The US$12-mn facility will manufacture seed coating machinery for the company. The location contains equipment for welding, manufacturing, fabricating, packaging, and even 3D printing. DuPont recently opened an R&D facility that sprawls across 20,000 square feet in Iowa.

Global Seed Treatment Market Going Green

The chemicals used in seed treatment still pose quite a few environmental issues, especially if they are created artificially. Instead, manufacturers are switching to biological active ingredients that allow for a much cleaner seed treatment mixture. These bio-treatment agents are capable of effectively disinfecting the seed from soil pathogens as well as insects in the storage space.

Seed treatment is most commonly used on canola, cotton, soybean, wheat, corn, and maize. Other minor areas where the global seed treatment market is applicable include potatoes and rice, along with a few other grains. The global seed treatment market is currently an extremely competitive one, with a consistently high rate of innovation and development.

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