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Biofertilizers Market: With Organic Farming Becoming More Mainstream, Large Scale Adoption to Follow Suit

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Biofertilizers have surfaced up to magnanimous adoption on the back of active environmental concerns and improved mindfulness about long-term ill effects of synthetic fertilizer which are often chemically obtained and are therefore highly non-biodegradable and toxic. Active government initiatives at both international and federal levels promoting dynamic switch towards biofertilizers is likely to favor novel opportunities in biofertilizers market. However, high pricing brackets are poised to restrain flourishing growth in the near future, more emphatically across mid and low income countries.

With organic farming becoming more mainstream in recent times, denunciation of conventional chemical based fertilizers in agriculture is likely to pave new growth scope in the ambit of biofertilizers market. On the contrary conventional farmlands are also mimicking more organic farming techniques at least in adopting more natural fertilizers and pesticides for healthy farm output.

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Agrarian Countries Bank upon Govrenment Funded Schemes to Promote Organic Farm Practices, Encourage Concomitant Growth in Biofertilizers Market

Agrarian economies are heading for long term advances in organic farm practices for more sustainable production and consumption patterns. Diverse organic farming centric government programs such as Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana leveraged by Indian government is directed to fund schemes and optimum assistance to farm producer economies and entrepreneurs  towards sustainable organic produce. Incorporation of vermicomposting, biofertilizers, city compost and waste decomposer are being promoted extensively to entice mass scale adoption of organic farming. Such pertinent developments across farm based economies are likley to widen functional and growth scope in biofertilizers market.  

Besides improved food quality, banking on organic farm practices and biofertilizers also aid in maintaining healthy biodiversity and longer biological cycles, besides also investing in pest management. Besides such aforementioned growth triggers, growth scope in biofertilizers market is also directly proportional to unaddressed price hikes in chemical fertilizers and pesticides, encouraging farmers to make a seismic shift towards natural counterparts. Further, marked decline in arable land availability is also likely to support the onward growth trend considerably.

Nitrogen Fixation Biofertilizers to Remain Most Desirable in Organic Farm Practices

Amongst a plethora of biofertilizers, biological nitrogen fixation biofertilizers are likely to witness ample demand upsurge owing to the use of diverse prokaryotes such as aquatic organisms that promote nitrogen conversion into ammonia allowing adequate crop cultivation. Popular studies have concluded that nitrogen fixation biofertilizers attained through solubilizing bacteria  Burkhoderia unamae and Bacillus subtilis showcase greater potential, allowing four to seven times greater production.