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Video Conferencing Market: Favorable Adoption Rates across Industries for Diminished Communication Expenses Bolster Adoption

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Need for real time, two-way communication flow continues to remain indispensable amongst enterprises. Triggered by globalization and spike in international trade, videoconference meetings are estimated to remain preferred modes of communication, offsetting geographical limitations and time constraints. Bespoke technological sophistication such as 3D technology and cloud-based operations are further estimated to keep growth pace steady in video conferencing market in forthcoming years. With massive inclination towards improved communication matrix with diminished expenses pertaining travel, video conferencing is set to become the new communication standard across industries.  

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Arkadin’s Novel Spoka Meet Integrates AI Capabilities for Superlative On-the-Cloud Video Conferencing Experience

The growth probability of video conferencing is further diversified with advances in cloud-based video conferencing solutions aligning with corporate needs for instant connected experience even in remote set-up. Emerging from large room-based operations for exclusive internal communications across enterprises, video conferencing has made a gigantic leap towards the cloud. Backed by enormous benefits such as cost efficiency and automated software updates with improved security, cloud-based video conferencing is expected to remain a potentially dominant trend in the coming years.

Considering the changing dynamics of enterprises, and massive proliferation of SMEs, leading market participants are increasingly focusing on developing reliable and secure cloud based video conferencing applications. In this light, leading market player Arkadin has recently upgraded its solution portfolio with the novel launch of Spoka Meet which is high end, user friendly HD video conferencing tool with cloud-based flexibility. Feature enhancements such as high quality audio, screen sharing, and AI integration are expected to leverage massive adoption, incurring stupendous growth in video conferencing market.

Alongside significant advances in software and hardware components, the services segment is also likely to expand enormously with enterprises preferring an on-call support infrastructure as opposed to permanent support staff and in-house technicians.

Emergence of Telehealth Paves Adoption of Video Conferencing in Healthcare

Distance and time limitations have constricted superlative healthcare delivery for long. However, evolution in communication dynamics such as video conferencing scope of healthcare delivery has trickled down to telehealth platforms enabling improved clinical outcome encompassing home care and emergency ambulatory services. Exponential rise in geriatric population further bodes well with video conferencing platforms in telehealth. Advances such as virtual group therapy and virtual home visits by doctors are some sweeping changes which are poised to massively influence adoption and subsequent growth in video conferencing market.

The North American market for video conferencing is likely to demonstrate lucrative prospects with the presence of major international players, and growing popularity of BYOD trend in the corporates. Additionally, favorable pricing, along with the emergence of new entrepreneurial ventures of small and medium capacities are also likely to supplement steady growth.