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New Product Innovations and Development by Major Manufacturers to Boost Global Synthetic Rubber Market

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Synthetic rubbers are widely used in place of natural rubbers owing to the price volatility of natural rubber due to lack of raw material. The demand for
synthetic rubbers is on the rise owing to the shifting dynamics of the rubber market worldwide. Synthetic rubbers are utilized in industrial goods,
footwear, and tires, among others. On the basis of products, the synthetic rubbers market is segmented into ethylene?propylene (EPDM), styrene butadiene
rubber (SBR), nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), polybutadiene (BR), and others.

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There are a number of players dominant in the market for synthetic rubber. Some of the key players operating in the market, along with their product
innovations and developments in the synthetic rubbers market, are as follows:

: LANXESS is one of the top specialty chemicals firms around the world and has accomplished sales of more than EUR8.0 billion by 2014. This company has
around 16,300 employees distributed over its numerous offices in 29 countries. The prime business of this company is the manufacturing, marketing, and
development of rubber, specialty and intermediate chemicals, and plastics. The company’s business unit, named Tire & Specialty Rubbers (TSR), is a
top-notch supplier of high-quality synthetic rubber. TSR has a global footprint and extensive know-how, and research and development channels. LANXESS
manufactures polybutadiene rubbers and versatile butyl rubbers primarily utilized in making tires. X_Butyl halogenated Butyl Rubber is utilized in the air
tight tire layers and inner liners and neodymium-polybutadiene rubbers and solution styrene-butadiene rubbers are utilized in side walls, treads, and other
tire elements.

TSRC Corporation
: TSRC is headquartered in Japan and stands for Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Corp. The company has emerged as a leader in the Asian rubber market and represents
a share of more than 65% in terms of production in the global market for synthetic rubber. TSRC’s yearly output of BR, SBR, TPE, and NBR compounding as
well as in other synthetic rubbers has touched 600,000 tons. TSRC manufactures NBR, which is the most accurate outlet tubing material and engine oil inlet
owing to its commendable anti-aging nature and great resistance to heat, oil, and solvents. The synthetic rubbers manufactured by TSRC are majorly utilized
in building materials, industrial supplies, toys, shoe soles, and household goods.

Dynasol Elastomers: This company has its offices in over 70 countries and functions in global distribution of cutting-edge elastomers that fall under the
well-established trademarks Solprene® and Calprene®. In addition, the company manufactures the solution styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR), which gives the
benefits of clear color, high purity, linear structure, and narrow molecular weight distribution. SSBR is used in numerous applications, namely rubber
goods, polymer modification, adhesives, bitumen/asphalt modification, and vulcanized compounding.

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Other prominent players in the global synthetic rubber market include China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, KUMHO PETROCHEMICAL, Sumitomo Chemical
Co., Ltd., Exxon Mobil Corporation, and The Dow Chemical Company, among others.