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Software Defined Networking Market – Aiming for the Cloud

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Software defined networking or SDN is a dynamic suite of processes intended to speed up and streamline networking operations in the IT industry. SDN is
analogous to server virtualization, i.e. it replaces hardware conventionally used in networking procedures with software. This helps raise the efficiency
of networking processes and thus helps IT companies cut down costs.

Here’s a lowdown on the major driving factors for the global software defined market:

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Increasing Need for Efficiency in Network Infrastructure
: Networking costs take up a major share of the total expenditure of IT companies. Manning and modulating networking infrastructure is a major part of the
networking process, which is where software defined networking comes in. The growing incorporation of SDN is helping businesses economize the networking
infrastructure, boosting demand from the global software defined networking market.

In August 2015, Google announced their development of an in-house software defined networking system. The new system helps Google shift data between its
network of data centers more efficiently that with the conventional system of vendor switches. The global IT giant unveiled the final SDN product after a
decade of research and progressive development.

Growth of Cloud Networking
: The incredible utility of cloud services has truly caught up with the IT world in recent years and the demand for cloud storage and security services is
steadily growing. Software defined networking is a major part of cloud services and is thus growing hand-in-hand with the growing demand for cloud

At the same conference in which Google announced its aforementioned development of its own SDN network, the ACM Special Interest Group on Data
Communication conference in August 2015, Microsoft announced its plans to use software defined networking heavily in the distribution of its cloud
services. The demand for cloud services Microsoft expects to generate is more than conventional networking mechanisms can handle and software defined
networking is expected to provide a huge boost to Microsoft’s cloud operations in the coming years.

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Increasing Mobility in Enterprises
: Due to the dynamic spread of globalization, the trend of multi-location execution of business processes has emerged in the corporate world. The
increasing incorporation of BYOD (bring your own device) policies is also helping demand from the global software defined networking market.

A recent survey conducted by Extreme Networks revealed the growing preference for mobility in network operations among the top companies around the world.
72% of the participants in the survey described mobility and BYOD as the most influential technologies in the past few years. Cloud services were also
popular, with more than 50% of the participants expressing support for the adoption of cloud services.

The growing usage of software defined networking in some of the most popular technologies expected to dominate the networking landscape in the coming years
will help the global SDN market keep up a steady growth trajectory.