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Growth of Smart Parking Systems Market to be Driven by Android-based Applications

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It is quite evident that simply creating more parking spaces is not sufficient to address the problem of congestion faced by a multitude of today’s
automobile owners. There is a need to adopt new approaches to provide a more balanced view of parking.

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Smart parking systems are apt when it comes to effectively finding and reserving vacant parking spaces. With the help of the IoT (Internet of Things) and
methods such as slot allocation and automatic billing processes, smart parking systems provide real-time information about the availability of parking
spaces in a particular location. This enables hassle-free vehicle parking while saving on time, cost, and fuel.

Today, many cities, property developers, and businesses have tried to match the parking supply to the increasing demand for parking spaces. At present, the
global parking management market is being driven by the rising number of vehicles on the road and growing scarcity of parking spaces. Several parking site
operators are constantly vying for smart parking operations to provide convenient parking procedures to customers. Such needs are being met by the latest
intelligent parking management systems and a number of technologies that provide the basis for smart parking solutions.

Smart Parking Systems to Enable Intelligent Mobility in Mega Cities

Global research statistics show that drivers searching for parking are responsible for more than 30% of traffic congestion in cities. Several smart parking
system operators and public authorities across the globe that provide car-parking facilities are constantly striving to improve the convenience and quality
of metro cities. This is achieved in part by smart parking systems technology, which makes parking management more efficient.

Smart parking systems use advanced technologies within an urban mobility strategy. Currently, the market for smart parking systems has various platforms
such as smart parking allocation centers (SPAC), parking resource management centers (PRMC), and driver request processing centers (DRPC), which
efficiently manage the availability of parking space in cities as well as controls illegal parking.

Smart parking systems are proven as a precise, robust, and cost-effective way to ensure that road users can precisely locate an unoccupied car parking
space for their use.

Some of the features of proposed smart parking systems used in cities include:

· Guides drivers in finding available parking spaces near them

· Avoids air pollution and helps combat global warming

· Provides tools to optimize parking space management

· Accurately find out the vehicle occupancy in real time

· Scalable, robust, and reliable

· Reduces the driver stress and improves the livability of the urban area

Smart parking systems have become viable in recent years due to innovation in areas such as mobile payment, in-car navigation systems, and smartphone apps
for customer services.

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Android-based Smart Parking Systems

Nowadays, smart parking systems based on slot booking methods use Android-based smartphones to regulate the number of vehicles to be parked in designated
parking areas. With the help of Android-based smart parking systems, users can search for parking slots through their Android application and pre-book the
slot for their parking.

The main idea behind this concept is to help a user analyze the available parking areas and number of slots free in a particular location. A user has the
choice to pre-book a slot in a specific area even a few hours prior to his/her expected arrival. Moreover, the payment services are made available using
Google services. This reduces the time required for manually searching and waiting for vacant slots to park the vehicle.