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Low Power Consumption Make Semiconductor Lasers Popular amongst Electronic Goods Manufacturers

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Semiconductor lasers are an indispensable part of most of the laser-based systems found in the market today. Owing to this reason, the global semiconductor
lasers market is experiencing significant growth. Semiconductor lasers are made up of semiconductor compound. These lasers allow light amplification by
making use of semiconductor materials. In a recent market research report published by Transparency Market Research, figures show that the global
semiconductor market is expected to reach US$7.7 billion by 2020, from just about US$4.8 billion in 2013. This remarkable growth is expected to continue at
a CAGR of 7.1% in the forecast period.

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Compact Size of Semiconductor Lasers Drives Global Market

The global semiconductor lasers market is expected to experience growth due to the increasing awareness of its advantages as compared to regular lasers.
The advantages of semiconductor lasers are giving this market a much-needed edge. Semiconductor lasers are small in size, which leads to less consumption
of power. Semiconductor lasers consume power in miliwatts, which makes them far more energy-efficient as compared to regular lasers.

Their small size also makes these semiconductor lasers the best choice for making laser-based systems. Thus, the size of semiconductor laser is one of the
biggest market drivers for the global semiconductor lasers market. Semiconductor lasers are perfectly suited for compact electronic devices such as DVDs,
CDs, and other such devices that are used for data storage. Though semiconductor lasers do not produce a beam with the same characteristics as that of
other lasers, their size, lower power consumption, and high efficiency make them a popular choice for many uses.

Improving Economies Propel Global Semiconductor Lasers Market

The other factors adding to the growth of the global semiconductor lasers market are the changing economic conditions of several economies across the
globe. Additionally, as emerging economies are changing their financial stance with growing industrialization, they are expected to spur demand for
semiconductor lasers in the coming six years. Advances in semiconductor lasers with violet, blue, and green light, which deliver better brightness and
power, are also expected to fuel the global semiconductor lasers market.

Application in Communication to Lead Global Semiconductor Lasers Market

Semiconductor lasers are used in several applications such as optical storage devices, communication devices, healthcare, lithography, defense, sensors,
research and development, printing and industrial system manufacturing, and display. As the field of communication is witnessing exponential growth due to
increasing number of both manufacturers and users, this application is expected to grow at a fast pace. The printing application is also expected to see a
speedy growth due to growth of printing activity in commercial and office spaces.

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The global semiconductor market is led by a few key players, such as Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc, ASML Holding NV, Axcel Photonics Inc, Trumpf GmbH + Co
KG and IPG Photonics Corp, and Newport Corp. However, Coherent Inc. is the leading supplier of semiconductor lasers in the market across the world.