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High Demand from Defense Sector to Drive Global Rugged Electronics Market

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While portable electronics are fragile and cannot withstand harsh conditions, thus limiting their use, rugged electronics are designed to tolerate occasional accidents and are thus, used in the defense and military sectors, mining, and oil and gas industries. The global demand for rugged electronics market is expected to propel in the coming years owing to the increasing use of these devices in various sectors. Some of the applications and use of these devices are enlisted below: 

  • Agriculture- Rugged electronics help manage farm inventories and run irrigation control systems. 
  • Industrial Sectors- Rugged electronics are used for merchandizing, communication, inventory management, and data collection. 
  • Military- Fighters need to command, send critical information, perform surveillance, and various other tasks, for which they need to be in constant touch. This is where portable rugged electronics come into use. 
  • Mining- The mining and drilling industry make use of rugged electronics for real time communication, vehicle tracking, maintenance, supply deliveries. These devices have helped streamline tasks and have greatly reduced data errors, while minimizing labor costs. 
  • Oil and gas- Rugged electronics are used for capturing data, resource monitoring, and keeping all data secure in environments that are not exactly gentle on technology. 
  • Medical- Rugged devices are used to control ventilation in mobile medical equipment and monitoring patient health information. 

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Players in Rugged Electronics Market to Focus on Product Innovation as Growth Strategy

It is of utmost importance that applications of rugged electronics expand and reach a wider scope, so as to ensure the growth of the market. Thus, manufacturers are constantly striving to come up with newer products, which have applications outside the conventional uses of rugged electronics. Product innovation has thus become an ultimate strategy among key players to scale up in the rugged electronics market. Companies such as Panasonic Corporation and Xplore Technology Corp. are constantly introducing new and improved products and expanding their product portfolio. For instance, In April 2016, Panasonic introduced a PTZ camera which is highly useful in severe weather conditions and critical missions.

Customized Rugged Electronic Devices Limiting Widespread Adoption

Each rugged electronic device is built to serve a particular purpose and may not be useful in general or all conditions. Most of the rugged electronic devices are developed as per client demands and customization and thus, designed for a specific environment and to perform a particular task. This is one of the factors restraining the market. In addition to this, the high cost of rugged electronics as compared to conventional consumer electronics is also hampering the adoption of these devices. Rugged devices become unaffordable for the masses and thus more and more customized devices are being developed as per the needs of a customer.

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However, the increasing use and demand for rugged drones and rugged cameras are expected to present growth opportunities for the players in the market. Rugged cameras and drones are increasingly being used for security for intelligence gathering. The defense segment is thus leading in the rugged electronics market on the basis of end user. The defense segment is also expected to expand at a high CAGR in the coming years.