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The Rubber Flooring Industry is Reinventing Itself to Become More Sustainable

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The green building industry is on a sprint and sustainable flooring solutions now stand as a crucial part of any green building. Flooring, however, is also prone to the maximum amount of wear and tear. This has, over a period of time, necessitated consumers to look for alternatives to conventional flooring that are not only more durable but also low on maintenance and aesthetically appealing. For many, this quest has ended at rubber flooring.

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This has thus created a massive rubber flooring market worldwide that’s worth billions of dollars and continues to grow steadily. The demand for rubber flooring is higher in developed countries where materials research has helped launch new varieties of rubber that fits flooring needs well. Rubber flooring products that make use of adhesives with VOCs are slowly being phased out and recycled rubber tiles and sheets are increasingly making their presence felt on the market.

According to Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE), the rubber flooring market is projected to show healthy growth because of the many advantages that rubber flooring brings with it.

Here’s how the Rubber Flooring Market is Becoming more Sustainable

Rubber flooring manufacturers are aligning their products with green building standards by eliminating the use of plasticizers and VOCs from their products. Here are a few examples of players in the rubber flooring market going green:

  • Nora Systems, a leading manufacturer of rubber flooring, offers products that are certified for low VOC emissions. The company also makes use of adhesives with low VOCs for its rubber flooring solutions.
  • In Australia, Signature Floor offers a products accredited under the Eco-Specifier Green Tag® and GreenRate™ programs. According to the company, these products also help gain additional points in indoor air quality rating programs.
  • Rubber-Cal, a California-based company, offers rubber flooring made from recycled rubber. Their products are manufactured using tire rubber, and are designed to endure physical abrasions, moisture, and even UV rays.

More architects are now using recycled rubber flooring in response to their clients’ request for the same. Other advantages such as the low maintenance cost of rubber have augured well for the growth of the global rubber market. Moreover, unlike linoleum, rubber flooring is devoid of needs such as waxing and stripping. In many instances, all of these advantages compensate for the high cost of rubber flooring.

In the coming years, the use of rubber flooring will be widely seen in healthcare facilities and in electronics manufacturing plants (where the anti-static properties of rubber are highly desirable), in homes, and in educational institutions.

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Some of the leading companies in the global rubber flooring market are: Dinoflex, RB Rubber Products, Nora Systems, OTS Company Inc., and Rephouse Ltd.