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Prolific Use of Real-Time Location Systems to Result in Strong Market Growth

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The real-time location systems (RTLS) market has grown tremendously over recent years given the enhanced advantages of real-time tracking in various business and manufacturing processes as well as in the safety of individuals and assets. Expected to exhibit an astounding CAGR of 35.50% from 2014 to 2020, Transparency Market Research states that the global RTLS market is expected to garner increased interest from several end-use industries, including transportation and logistics, healthcare, hospitality and retail, manufacturing and processing, yards and docks monitoring, academics, and government and defense.

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RTLS for Stronger Security Coverage

The first European Games were held in September this year in Baku, Azerbaijan, and what made this athletic event unique was that the tickets of the 250,000 visitors were embedded with real-time location systems and RFID tags. This enabled event organizers to track the location and movement of their attendees across the main venues and ensure no one entered an unauthorized area. The safety of dignitaries and world leaders at the event was a matter of concern and the STAR technology and ViZix IOT software platform from Mojix provided location-specific information without any effort on the part of the visitors.

Tracking Patients and Summoning Help with RTLS

In September 2015, the Scranton-based Geisinger-Community Medical Center adopted disposable CenTrak wristband tags in order to provide families and healthcare providers with real-time patient location information. The low-cost wristband tags are used to track the movement of patients and, as the company says, improves the quality of stay for patients and their families. The disposable version of the tags means that the cost of sanitization after use is minimized.

The same month, a Midwestern community college selected a real-time location system that will bring wireless alert-sending technology to faculty members on campus. The Wi-Fi-based RFID tags are a version of the HelpAlert RTLS from RF Technologies and are mounted strategically under podiums and tables so that faculty members can call for help in times of emergencies. The tags will help campus police identify the location of the emergency, track the time the call was responded to, and store information regarding the nature of the emergency for future reference.

Using RTLS to Monitor Commodities and Minimize Inventory Checking Time

In September, Maruhachi Ceramics of America employed an RFID system to keep track of the locations of over 50,000 pallets loaded with products. The system makes sure that personnel know where their products are located at the time of loading; the system was also expanded to include tools and supplies to ensure manufacturing materials are easily found when needed. The system comprises Alien Technology passive ultrahigh-RFID tags, TracerPlus software from Portable Technology Solutions, and a handheld RFID reader and printer-encoder from Zebra Technologies. The deployment of these real-time location systems has brought down the inventory checking time from three days to four hours.

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The most prominent players competing in the global real time location system market include Axcess International, Inc., Awarepoint Corporation, Zebra Technologies Corporation, Ubisense Group plc, TeleTracking Technologies, Inc., DecaWave Ltd., Motorola Solutions Inc., AeroScout, Inc., Sonitor Technologies AS, PINC Solutions Corporation, Skytron LLC, and Versus Technology, Inc.