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Global Optical Transceivers Market: High Investments by Market Players to Stimulate Market Growth

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The global optical transceiver market witnessed extensive price declines in recent past. However, the future prospects for the market is encouraging. Market experts predict the global industry to report robust growth in the coming years. Backed by high investment from the vendors operating in the global optical transceiver market, the industry is expected to develop at a rapid pace.

In 2013, the global optical transceiver market stood at US$3.2 billion. Propelled by the ample availability and cost efficiency of devices with capacities of 40 Gbps, 100 Gbps, and 400 Gbps, the market is estimated to reach US$9.9 billion by the end of 2020.

The next generation devices consume less power, but are smaller in size and are economical compared to their precursors. The wide adoption of the 100 Gbps devices, and the immense rise in the Internet traffic are changing the dynamics of the communications infrastructure markets expanding the market for optical transceivers.

Major vendors of the global optical transceivers market provide a wide range of products such as fiber channel, ethernet, SONET/OTN/SDH, and PON standards. The data rates on which they generally operates are10 Gbps, 40 Gbps, and 100 Gbps.

Though, the future of the global optical transceivers market is thriving, the market has gone through a tough phase in past. Let’s shed some light over the performances of various segments of this market:

· The 40 Gbps transceivers for the data centers and telecoms performed well in recent past. The market segment is expected to show a steady growth in the coming future.

· The market for 100 GB ethernet witnessed strong growth in revenue on the account of the high demand for the 100Gbps-LR4 optical transceiver. Even though the unit price declined for nearly 30%, no major damage in market revenue has been reported. The Chinese market players are targeting this market as they focus on to widen their reach in the global market.

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· In 2012, the market for 100 Gbps optical transceivers was very small in size. Recently, many of the system vendors started manufacturing their own 100 Gbps optical transceivers with the usage of discrete components and the optical vendors started selling them. Owing to the development, the market size of the 100 Gbps optical transceivers industry started expanding enormously.

· The market for optical access started to develop in 2012, while the fiber channel market is witnessing an ongoing rise in terms of units shipped, having board optical sub-assemblies (BOSA) and optical transceivers sharing the volumes.

Finisar JDS Uniphase, Oplink Communications Sumitomo, Oclaro Furukawa Electric, Fujitsu Avago, NEC, and Emcore Source Photonics are the major players of the global optical transceivers market. Other prominent participants of this market are 3SP Group, Advanced Photonix, Accelink, Advanced Photonix, Avago Technologies, Fujitsu, Huawei, Luxtera, NeoPhotonics, and Reflex Photonics.