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Mhealth Services Market: Remote Monitoring and Epidemic Outbreak Tracking Applications of Mhealth to Boost Market

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mHealth or mobile health  is a rapidly growing service that is driven by technology and is predicted to change the delivery of health services worldwide. It incorporates delivering healthcare-related services to numerous end users through the medium of smartphones or mobile phones. There is a strong link between eHealth and mhealth, as an mHealth system that utilizes mobile phones for accessing data on a particular disease will need an eHealth system for the management, storage, and assessing of data. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), countries with higher disposable income naturally display more mHealth activity than developing countries.

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Increasing occurrence of chronic diseases has raised the requirement for easy accessibility of quality healthcare services that are low in cost. The propagation of mHealth services involves collaborative efforts by application developers, network service providers, healthcare service providers, and device manufacturers, among others. There are numerous application areas of mHealth. Top of the list lies education and awareness, diagnostic and treatment support, remote monitoring, and disease and epidemic outbreak tracking. These applications have been studied in detail below and a clear view on the reasons responsible for the growing popularity of mHealth services worldwide is provided.

  • Education and Awareness: Programs of education and awareness within the mHealth field are majorly formed to spread mass information to the recipient from the source via short message service (SMS). In education and awareness applications, an SMS is sent to the phone of the user to present information on numerous subjects such as health service availability, treatment and testing methods, and disease management. These messages can also be sent to far-reaching areas including rural areas that may have limited access to health clinics and public education and health information.
  • Diagnostic and Treatment Support: The support systems for treatment and diagnostics have been designed for providing advice to healthcare workers working in remote areas. Some of the projects present mobile phone applications including a tree system providing step-by-step medical decisions for helping healthcare workers in diagnosis and there are some other projects providing patients the information for direct diagnosis.
  • Remote Monitoring and Disease and Epidemic Outbreak Tracking: Projects formed under mHealth utilize mobile phones, thus allowing the collection and transmission of data efficiently and quickly.  These projects are very beneficial during emergencies for identifying the greatest medical needs within a particular country or area. Healthcare providers and policy makers at the district, community, and national level require accurate data for gauging the effectiveness of the existing programs and policies and for making new ones. Remote monitoring and treatment support enables increased involvement in the continuous care of patients.

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The prime players operating in mhealth services worldwide include T&T Inc., Apple Inc., Airstrip technologies Inc., Alcatel-lucent, Cerner Corporation, Qualcom, Inc., Diversinet Corp., Koninklijke Philips N.V., SoftServe Inc, Symantec Corporation and Vodafone Group Plc. among others.