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Urgent Need for Water Management to Drive Global Micro Irrigation Systems Market

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Micro irrigation has become the need of the day as farmers and gardeners across the globe are realizing the grave challenge of water scarcity. In recent times, the global market for micro irrigation systems has picked up pace due to the several advantages it offers to users. These systems are especially used for irrigation purposes in outdoor areas that demand huge water allocation. Agricultural lands, sports grounds, household lawns, public parks, and large gardens are some of the spaces that often use micro irrigation systems.

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Water Management Leads Micro Irrigation Systems Market to Success

The biggest advantage offered by these systems is that the water is dispensed right at the roots or on the surface of the soil. This way, water is not wasted and the task of watering can be monitored with automated processes, for better productivity. According to expert analysts, the exponentially rising demand for efficient agricultural process for a better output is leading to growth of this market. Furthermore, the growing concerns of water scarcity and the need for smarter water management are also contributing to the expansion of the global micro irrigation systems market. 

The precise application of water resources through micro irrigation helps in increasing the yield and saving water to a large extent. Owing to these reasons, governments across the globe are encouraging the use of these systems, which is expected to lead to a large-scale adoption of micro irrigation systems. The growing agricultural activity in Asia Pacific region is expected to sustain the demand for micro irrigation systems in this region. The emerging economies of India and China are going to be the strongest contributors to the micro irrigation systems market in the next few years.

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Traditional Sprinkler Systems Emerge as a Leader in Global Micro Irrigation System Market

According to a recent research report, traditional sprinkler irrigation systems held the lion’s share in terms of revenue in the global micro irrigation systems market in 2013. This trend can be attributed to the reasonable pricing of these systems and the efficient water management they provide. Not only do traditional sprinklers cover a wider range, but they are also highly portable. Furthermore, they are extremely easy to use when huge areas such as sports grounds, gardens, and commercial lawns are to be covered. These reasons will be the determinant factors for the growth in demand for traditional sprinkler irrigation systems in the next few years. However, the growing efficiency of drip irrigation systems over the traditional sprinklers is likely to help the former grow at the fastest pace in the near future. 

The key companies operating the global micro irrigation systems market are Netafim Ltd., Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., Lindsay Corporation, Valmont Industries Inc., The Toro Company, Hunter Industries Inc., Rain Bird Corporation, Reinke Manufacturing Company Inc, and T-L Irrigation Company.