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Top Trends Contributing to the Growth of the Membrane Chemicals Market

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Membrane chemicals have been identified as the leading solution for water treatment mainly because they enhance the system performance of industrial and
commercial applications as well as durability of the membranes. In addition, the operational costs of membranes are mitigated to a large extent.

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Membrane chemicals – variants of specialty chemicals formulated to treat membrane scalants and foulants – are used across several industries to eliminate
the presence of contaminants and rid water of deposited impurities.

Escalating Demand from Water-Intensive End-Use Industries Responsible for Growth

Driven by a host of factors, the global membrane chemicals market is projected to rise from its value of US$1,013.8 mn in 2013 at a modest CAGR of 8.10%
from 2014 to 2020, according to a report published by Future Market Insights.

Listed below are some of the current trends within the global market for membrane chemicals:

· There is an ongoing demand for effective solutions to prevent the scaling and fouling of membranes, which is significantly responsible for the growth of
the membrane chemicals market.

· Demand for process water in water-intensive industries such as chemicals, power, and food and beverages has greatly contributed to the development of the
membrane chemicals market.

· Rapid growth in industrial production is a leading factor fueling the membrane chemicals market in emerging economies.

· These developing economies are also likely to step up their demand for membrane chemicals owing to the cost-effective nature of the chemicals.

· North America is the largest membrane chemicals market by revenue and volume, followed by Western Europe, and these regions are driven by surging demand
from end-use industries such as wastewater treatment and food and beverages.

· Relative maturity of these two markets are, however, expected to result in a sluggish demand for membrane chemicals by 2020.

· Asia Pacific holds immense opportunities for growth owing to the exponential demand for chemicals, power, and processed food.

· Analysts predict that by the next to next fiscal year, Asia Pacific will overtake North America as the largest membrane chemicals market by volume as
well as value.

· The Middle East and Africa region is an important region that serves as a lucrative market base for membrane chemicals owing to the concentration of
end-use industries such as chemical and petrochemicals, oil and gas, and desalination.

· The desalination market in MEA is poised to develop at a double-digit growth rate over the next five years and this is expected to boost the demand for
membrane chemicals, given the fact that nearly 60.0% of all desalination plants use RO membrane.

The leading players in the global membrane chemicals market include Reverse Osmosis Chemicals International, LennTech BV, BWA Water Additives, Veolia
Water, King Lee Technologies, Genesys International, GE Water & Process Technologies, Kemira, H2O Innovation Inc., and Nalco.

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