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Global LiDAR Market to Expand with Increasing Adoption in Several Government-run Sectors

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Lidar (also written LIDAR, LiDAR or LADAR) is a technology that remotely measures distance by illuminating the target using a laser beam and understanding
the reflected area. This optical remote sensing technology is commonly used to analyze the surface of the earth and gauge the variable distances on the
planet. LiDAR uses the same principle as radar, with the only exception being that LiDAR uses shorter wavelengths. LiDAR waves are mainly used for
understanding the measurement of underlying terrain and 3D structures with absolute accuracy and high resolution. These waves can be infrared, ultraviolet,
or visible in nature. The ability of LiDAR equipment to create high-resolution data makes it a superior technology over the conventional methods of
measuring heights.

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Demand from Government Sector to Boost Global LiDAR Market

The global LiDAR market is segmented on the basis of products, applications, and geography. The products in the global LiDAR market are terrestrial LiDAR
and airborne LiDAR. The applications of LiDAR are seen in coastal regions, forests, the transportation industry, infrastructure, transmission lines,
defense and aerospace, mining, flood mapping, and hydrography. Geographically, the global LiDAR market is proliferating in Asia Pacific, North America,
Europe, and Rest of the World.

According to a report published by Transparency Market Research, the global LiDAR market has been witnessing rising demand due to several reasons. One of
the key growth factors of the global LiDAR market is the booming need for 3D imagery in government, commercial, and consumer applications. The demand for
3D scanning is also fueling this market.

The global LiDAR market is expected to garner huge support from the government sector, as it has been extensively using this technology for building
railways, roadways, and for forestry management. The advantages of LiDAR over photogrammetry such as better accuracy and speed are likely to fuel the
demand from the global LiDAR market in the forecast period. The only challenge for LiDAR manufacturers is the difficulty in interpreting the data due to
the lack of standardization.

North America to Continue Dominance in Global LiDAR Market

The widespread adoption of 3D imagery by the U.S. government has made North America the leading region in the global LiDAR market. In the coming years,
usage of LiDAR technology in the government sector is likely to bring in maximum revenue for this market. Europe, too, holds a huge chunk of the market and
follows North America, due a large number of manufacturers being located in this region. Innovations designed to meet the demand for LiDAR in several
applications will keep Europe at the forefront of this market competition.

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The key players in the global LiDAR market are Laser Mapping Limited, Avent Lidar Technology, Airborne Hydrography AB, Digitalworld Mapping Inc., Firmatec
Llc, Leica Geosystemm AG, Intermap Technologies Corp., Mosaic 3d, Quantum Spatial, Inc., Optech Incorporated, and Riegl Laser Measurement Systems Gmbh.