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Rising Consumer Inclination towards Exotic Food Products Driving Global Market for Gourmet Salts

Article Description

Gourmet salts refer to the hand harvested, untreated varieties of salts that contain low sodium and no additives. These highly exotic salts are commonly used to add taste, flavor, distinctiveness, texture, and appeal to food items. Other than their exotic flavors, these salts are also highly valued due to their superior mineral content.

A number of factors are contributing to the increased demand for a variety of specialty gourmet salts market these days. Factors such as rising urbanization, increasing popularity of convenience foods, and rising viewership of cookery shows have led to an increased admiration for exotic cooking styles that include use of gourmet salts. The rising health awareness among global population is influencing the rising preference for healthy, natural food that is low on additives. These factors have collectively benefitted the global market for gourmet salts in the past few years.

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According to a market research report published by Persistence Market Research (PMR), the global market for gourmet salts is expected to expand at a healthy 6.9% CAGR between 2015 and 2025, rising from a valuation of US$1052.8 mn in 2014 to US$2194.8 mn by 2025. According to the report, the rising adoption of natural ingredients in food products and the growing popularity of gourmet cuisines in households are the key factors propelling the market.

Meat and Poultry Market Exhibits Highest Demand

A variety of gourmet salts, native to a number of geographically and climatically varying regions, find use in local and global cuisines. Some of the most popular ones are flake salt, coarse salt, Italian sea salt, Indian black salt, coarse salt, fleur de Sel, smoked sea salt, Himalayan pink salts, Sel Gris sea salt, and a number of other flavored salts.

On a global level, the fleur de sel led the market for gourmet salts in 2014 by accounting for a 19.9% share, followed by the segment of coarse salts.

Major use of these salts is found in applications such as bakery and confectionary, seafood, meat and poultry, sauces and savory food products, desserts and frozen foods.

Of these, the demand for gourmet salts is expected to expand at the fastest pace, at an estimated 7.5% CAGR through 2025, in the bakery and confectionary application segment on a global front. However, the application segment of meat and poultry is expected to dominate the global market for gourmet salts by accounting for a 31.9% share in the market by 2025.

Tie-ups with Cookery Shows and Expansion of Product Portfolios Trending Among Manufacturers

To enhance their brand visibility, manufacturers and distributors of gourmet salts are focusing on the addition of a variety of specialty gourmet salts to their portfolios. Tie-ups with popular cookery shows and TV channels is also a very popular trend in the market. Some of the major vendors in the market are companies like Cheetham Salt Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CK Life Sciences Int’l., Murray River Gourmet Salt, SeaSalt Superstore LLC, SaltWorks, Inc., Cargill, Incorporated, J.C. Peacock, The Marblehead Salt Co. LLC., INFOSA, Amagansett Sea Salt Co., and Pyramid Salt Pty. Ltd.