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Global Food Additives Market: Asia Pacific to Surpass Europe Due to Rapid Development of Food and Beverages Market

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The global food additives market has received a powerful upward push from the rapid expansion of the food and beverages industry across the world. The
increase in disposable income has enabled people to spend on quality food. In addition, the growing awareness about the benefits of food additives among
consumers has encouraged food and beverages manufactures to include food additives in their daily diet, fueling the demand for the same.

According to a research report recently published by Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE), the global food additives market attained a market
value of US$31.43 billion in 2014. The analysts at MRRSE have estimated the CAGR of this market to be at 3.4% during the period from 2015 to 2021 and
forecast the market to reach US$3.85 billion by 2021.

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North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World are the traditional regional markets for additives in the world. Among these, Europe leads
the global market presently. While the food additives market in Asia Pacific presently holds the second position in the global market, but it is soon
likely to surpass the European market and acquire the top most position.

The rising population in Asia Pacific has increased the per capita calorie intake in this region, which has led to substantial growth in the Asia Pacific
food and beverages market, particularly in packaged food segment. Maintaining the quality of food as well as food safety has been a point of concern among
food products manufacturers. Since, food additives ensure freshness of food, the demand for it is on a roll in this region.

Here is a snapshot of the growth drivers of the Asia Pacific food additives market:

· The rising exposure of consumers toward packaged food and beverages has emerged as the key driver of the food additive market in Asia Pacific. The
increasing urbanization, coupled with the growth of organized market in rural areas of developing Asian nations, also adds to the market growth.

· The increasing complexities of the supply chain in the Asia Pacific food and beverage industry such as high costs associated with transportation and
inadequate maintenance of storage facilities are increasing the difficulties in the farm to fork value chain, in turn, increasing the demand for food
additives in order to reduce the costs of food damage and wastage.

· With growing economies, demand for food is expected to rise in Asia Pacific in the coming years. The rising disposable incomes of the middle class
consumers is likely to increase the demand for processed foods, thereby boosting the food additives market in the region.

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In Asia Pacific, Australia and Japan are matured markets, where the demand for natural additives is more, whereas India and China are the fastest
developing markets relying more on artificial food additives.