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Global Facial Recognition Market: Facial Recognition Technology Finds Applications in New Sectors with Launch of New Apps

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Facial recognition, as one of the most popular biometric technologies, has a wide range of applications across sectors such as military, government and
utilities, homeland security, banking, financial services, and insurance, retail, and others. Though facial recognition was initially developed to enhance
security and restrict unauthorized access, the technology is being used for innovative applications such as emotion detection and photo tagging.

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Following are some of the recent facial recognition software developed to cater to different sectors:

Facebook’s ‘Moments’
: Social networking giant Facebook has developed an experimental algorithm that mimics how a human would recognize another person. Facebook aims to
integrate this algorithm in ‘Moments’, its photo-sharing app. Moments app uses facial recognition software to group images based on when they were taken
and who are the people in the images.

: The facial recognition software identifies members attending an event in photos and videos. The desktop application has been designed for Church
administrators and event managers to manually track their members’ attendance to their events.

: Developed by, NameTag is a real-time facial recognition app that allows users of Google Glass to capture images from their live video
and scan them against photos from dating sites and social media. To make online dating and offline social interactions safer, the app lets the users scan
photos against the entries in the National Sex Offender Registry and other criminal databases.

Emotion Detection Software
: Facial recognition technology has evolved since its earlier days to identify human emotions as well. Affectiva, an emotion-detection software developer,
has used webcams to monitor customers and capture their emotions as they watch advertisements. The technology has been widely used for market research to
measure people’s reactions while they try out products. Emotient, a San Diego-based startup has developed a software that recognizes emotions changing in a
fraction of a second from a database of micro expressions.

NeoFace Software
: This facial recognition application, developed by NEC, was hailed by Leicestershire Police after its usage at Download Music Festival in June this year.
The police were looking out for offenders who target music festivals to commit crime. The application scanned faces passing CCTV cameras and compared them
against a database of wanted criminals. The software has been also adopted by the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Facial Recognition System to Recognize Returning Customers
: Zycomm, a Derbyshire-based firm has introduced a facial recognition system to recognize returning customers at hotels. The system helps hotels to greet
valued clients by name. The software also helps the patrolling security guards in shopping malls to recognize shoplifters. The automatic face recognition
software sends a text message to a portable radio that mentions the person identified by the software and the level of confidence of identification.

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