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Expanded Perlite Improves Quality of Construction Raw Materials, Leading to Strong Demand from Construction Industry

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Worldwide demand from the expanded perlite market is expected to be driven by increasing demand for horticultural aggregates, construction products, and
filtration and process aid applications. The demand for horticultural aggregates and construction products, in particular, is estimated to rise
considerably between 2015 and 2023. This growth will be due to the rapid expansion of the horticulture and construction industries across the globe. These
industries are primarily boosting demand for expanded perlite and are expected to grow at an above-average rate in the next few years.

Demand for Expanded Perlite from Construction Industry Growing

Expanded perlite is widely used in the construction industry due to its unique characteristics such as excellent thermal and sound insulation properties,
fire resistance, durability, and low bulk density over time and through climate changes. Expanded perlite is used in lightweight fire-retardant insulating
concretes as a substitute to sand or gravel. Moreover, the main application of expanded perlite is in mortars and in lightweight concretes for substrates.
These materials are packed in 100-liter bags for easy handling and quick on-job mixing purposes. In some cases, expanded perlite is also available in big
bags, in bulk with silo truck, or in water- and UV-proof bags with a capacity of 100 liters for a ready-to-use purpose in the field of construction.

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When added to construction mixes, expanded perlite improves a number of physical properties, including reducing the weight of the plasters, mortars, or
concrete. The primary advantage of using expanded perlite is to reduce the product density, improve the workability of the construction material in a
particular application, and improve the thermal insulation characteristics.

Expanded perlite is an extremely versatile material and can be milled differently for specific applications in the construction industry.

Construction Manufacturers Play a Key Role in Growth of Global Expanded Perlite Market

At present, global manufacturers of construction products are one of the main consumers of expanded perlite. This material is primarily used as a building
block in the manufacture of insulating construction materials. In addition, it is also used in a variety of insulating applications in the construction
industry, including cement mixtures, cinder blocks, bricks, thermal, boulders, structural, and audio insulation panels.

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Swift growth of the construction industry in emerging countries is anticipated to increase the demand for expanded perlite in construction products in the
coming years. Due to the rapidly developing construction industry in Asia Pacific, this region is estimated to be the fastest growing market for expanded
perlite during the forecast period.

The construction industry in GCC countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE is undergoing rapid growth owing to several ongoing major construction
activities in these countries. The constant demand for construction products and building materials in these regions is expected to fuel the expanded
perlite market till 2023.