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Global Enhanced Oil Recovery Market: Solar EOR to Save Significant Amount of Natural Gas

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The oil and gas industry has been implementing the decades-old method of injecting steam into oil reservoirs for increasing production from heavy oil
resources and tight formations. Though the process of steam injection to raise the temperature and pressure of reservoir has remained unchanged, the method
of generating steam has undergone significant changes. Cost-effective solar steam equipment has helped the industry to reduce the fuel costs and shift to a
free and abundant resource of solar energy.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Market

Solar EOR: Abundance of Solar Energy Reduces Volatility of Fuel Costs for Oil Producers

In solar EOR, the steam generated with the help of lightweight curved solar-reflecting mirrors is continuously injected deep into oil reservoir. As steam
represents around 60% of the production cost of oil extraction, solar EOR reduces the overall cost significantly. Following are some of the benefits of
solar EOR:

  • No fuel costs and very low operations and maintenance costs:
    Solar steam generators operate longer than the gas-fired generators. By steaming for a longer period, solar EOR maximizes ultimate recovery from a
  • Can be implemented in oil fields where there is no availability of natural gas:
    Oil companies do not need to invest in a gas infrastructure especially in regions with limited supply or unavailability of natural gas such as parts of
    the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
  • No emissions:
    Steam generated through solar EOR produces no carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, or particulate emissions.
  • Subsidies and incentives:
    Reduction in carbon footprint lets oil producers to avail subsidies and incentives offered by governments.

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Oil Producers Making a Beeline to Shift to Solar EOR

Oil producers are increasingly evaluating options to use solar energy for enhanced oil recovery. Following are some of the solar EOR projects deployed by
oil producers across the globe:

· Occidental of Oman, is the latest player to explore options of reducing the use of natural gas in EOR. The oil producer plans to take help of the
U.S.-based GlassPoint Solar Inc. to shift to solar EOR for its Mukhaizna field in Oman.

· Berry Petroleum, the largest independent oil producer in California, partnered with GlassPoint to start the world’s first commercial solar EOR project in
February 2011. The project is located on McKittrick oil field in California. The solar EOR project in the oil field produces one million Btus per hour of
solar heat to replace natural gas used for steam generation.

· In October 2011, Chevron Corp. joined hands with BrightSource Energy to build a 29 megawatt solar-to-steam facility at the Coalinga oil field in

· Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) commissioned GlassPoint Solar to build the Middle East’s first solar EOR project in May 2013. PDO is a joint venture
between the Sultanate of Oman, Total, and Shell. The solar EOR facility produces a daily average of 50 tons of emissions-free steam.

With the significant amount of natural gas saved through solar EOR projects, more oil producers are expected to adopt the technology sooner.