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Utilities Expansion in Asia Pacific Crucial for Dissolved Gas Analyzers Market

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Dissolved gas analysis has emerged as a crucial process in electrical operations in recent years and the demand for dissolved gas analyzers has risen rapidly as a result. Dissolved gas analyzers determine the nature and volume of gases released by the insulating materials in oil-filled electrical equipment and power transformers. This gas can cause various problems within electrical equipment, hampering its overall performance and, in some cases and depending upon the nature of the gas, presenting a fire/health hazard. This makes dissolved gas analysis a crucial safety check for power utilities and several industries.

According to a recent market research report, the global dissolved gas analyzers market is expected to rise at a strong 11.7% CAGR from 2014 to 2020. The market is expected to almost double in value from 2013 to 2020, rising from US$277 mn to US$538.3 mn.

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Rising Industrialization in APAC Drives Dissolved Gas Analyzers Market

The increasing government support for the expansion of the industrial sector and power utilities infrastructure in emerging countries is the major factor driving the dissolved gas analyzers market. Due to the rising population of emerging regions, power utilities infrastructure is expanding at a rapid pace, while the rising prosperity and living standards of the population have necessitated an equally rapid expansion of the industrial sector. Since both these application areas utilize oil-filled electrical equipment on a large scale, the demand for dissolved gas analyzers from regions such as Asia Pacific and the Middle East is expected to rise steadily in the coming years.

Another factor propelling the Asia Pacific market for dissolved gas analyzers is the increasing entry of low-cost portable analysis devices. Dynamic economies such as China, India, and South Korea are making full use of such dissolved gas analyzers due to their economic benefits. The high costs of installed dissolved gas analyzers have also benefited laboratory DGA services, with a growing number of operators choosing to outsource the costly analysis services. The increasing utilization of online power transformer monitoring is another factor driving the dissolved gas analyzers market.

LumaSense Leads Dissolved Gas Analyzers Market due to Advanced Innovations

LumaSense Technologies Inc., a leading company in the field of reducing the inherent inefficiency and waste in resource-intensive industries, has a wide range of products in the dissolved gas analyzers market. Recently, the company launched the SmartDGA platform, a new line of products intended to reduce outages caused due to faults in transformers and load tap changers. Monitors in this range are said to be much easier to install than conventional monitors, with the SmartDGA monitors claimed to require mere hours for installation in comparison to the multiple days it takes to install other monitors. They are also said to be significantly cheaper than the competition.

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Apart from LumaSense, other major players in the global dissolved gas analyzers market are GE, Weidmann, ABB Ltd, Gatron GmbH, Qualitrol LLC, SD Myers Inc., Doble Engineering, EMH, Morgan Schaffer Corporation, Sieyuan Electric Co. Ltd.