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Dissolved Gas Analyzer Market Propelled by Increasing Adoption of Online DGA

Article Description

A dissolved gas analyzer is used to identify emerging or rudimentary faults in a power transformer or any other oil-filled electrical equipment. Dissolved gas analyzers monitor and diagnose the nature of gases being generated. The analysis of faults is done by analyzing the gases and decomposing the mineral oil present in power transformers. In transformers, mineral oils comprising complex chemicals and hydrocarbons, are used. Gases are generated in the power transformers through accidental events or natural operations. The gases are then dissolved in mineral oils used by power transformers and by measuring the volume, nature, proportion, rate of production, and spectrum of dissolved gases. The nature of faults and the probability of faults can thus be determined. After the gas analysis, the health of the transformer can be monitored and a maintenance program can be initiated, if desired.

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Expansion of Power Transmission and Distribution Networks to Drive Dissolved Gas Analyzer Market

The global dissolved gas analyzer market is growing rapidly and owes its growth to industrial infrastructural and utility sector investments. The expansion of the power transmission and distribution network is one of the main drivers boosting the market. The requirement of detecting faults in new transformers as well as the increasing need to prevent faults in old transformers have significantly propelled the global dissolved gas analyzers market. The various regulations in the environment and power industry imposed by government agencies of different countries are also benefitting the global dissolved gas analyzers market.

Another factor that is encouraging the growth of the global dissolved gas analyzers market is the increasing adoption of online dissolved gas analysis (DGA) which has added benefits such as continuous monitoring and remote monitoring of transformer health. The market is thus expected to grow robustly until 2020.

Asia Pacific held Largest Share in Dissolved Gas Analyzer Market in 2013

Geographically, the global dissolved gas analyzers market is segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World. Out of these, Asia Pacific held the largest market share in 2013 owing to the rising application of dissolved gas analyzers in large power transformer bases as well as due to the rising adoption of online DGA analysis.

North America was the second-largest market and Europe followed next in terms of market share. The growth of the dissolved gas analyzers market in North America can be attributed to the growing demand for increasing the lifespan of old transformers and the need to detect faults among newly installed transformers. The dissolved gas analyzers market in Europe is driven by rising environmental concerns relating to power generation.

Laboratory Services Segment held Largest Market Share of the Global Dissolved Gas Analyzer Market

On the basis of analysis, the global dissolved gas analyzers market is segmented into smoke alarms, comprehensive DGA monitoring, early warning DGA monitoring, database software, laboratory services, and portable DGA devices. Out of these, the laboratory services segment held the largest market share in 2013, due to factors such as the rising awareness about comprehensive transformer monitoring and need to have advanced process analytics to deal with complex gas formation.

Some of the leading players in the global dissolved gas analyzers market are: Weidmann (US), LumaSense Technologies Inc. (US), General Electric (US), ABB Ltd. (Switzerland), Morgan Schaffer Corporation (Canada), Doble Engineering (US), OELCHECK GmbH (Germany), Gatron GmbH (Germany), SD Myers, Inc. (US), Sieyuan Electric Co. (China), EMH Energy-Messtechnik GmbH (Germany), and Qualitrol Company LLC (US).