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Digital Transformation in Healthcare Spurred by Growing Popularity of mHealth Services

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Digital transformation has had a revolutionary impact on almost every sphere of operation: manufacturing, retail, public sector, and banking, financial services, and insurance. However, when it comes to the healthcare industry, digital transformation is termed as a game changer.

Widespread Usage of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Digital health has crept into every discipline of medicine, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. Digital health platforms are being used across hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes in the form of mobile health apps, wireless solutions, and telehealth. These platforms are being implemented not only for remote monitoring of chronic diseases among patients, but also to access electronic personal health and medical records via mobiles and broadband services. The thriving mHealth market is a classic example of digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

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Some of the other solutions provided by digital transformation in healthcare are: connected billing, CRM, collaboration tools, connected electronic health records, connected healthcare information systems, ERP, and remote patient monitoring. The main services offered by digital transformation include business process outsourcing, integration, consulting, and customer service, which comprises cloud-based service, custom application development, healthcare mobility, and big data analysis

Double-Digit Growth in store for Global Digital Transformation Market in Healthcare

A report by Future Market Insights indicates that driven by strong forces, the global market for digital transformation in healthcare is anticipated to register a steady growth rate of 13.70% from 2015 to 2025. The leading factors attributed to this growth are:

  • Increasing geriatric population
  • Rise in per capita healthcare spending
  • Growing demand for cloud-based services
  • Proliferation of mobile and wearable devices
  • Introduction of eHealth initiatives by governments
  • Increasing adoption of electronic health records
  • Improved customer experience and online visibility
  • Surge in healthcare mobile applications
  • Rise in number of outsourcing applications
  • Increase in business alliances such as partnerships, mergers, collaborations, and acquisitions

North America Dominating Global Digital Transformation Market

The North America market for digital transformation enjoys almost 50% of the global market and is expected to retain its lead through 2025. The growth of the digital transformation market in this region can be attributed to:

  • Advancement in digital technology
  • Supportive government policies and regulations
  • Presence of large number of leading pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturers
  • Increased focus of healthcare organizations towards healthcare information systems, EHRs, and cloud-based solutions
  • Rapid adoption of wearables

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Digital transformation is being provided by healthcare device providers, telecom providers, system integrators, consulting and strategy firms, and solution providers. Some of the most prominent participants of the global digital transformation market in healthcare are GE Healthcare Limited, CGI Group Inc., AT&T Inc., IBM Corporation, Deloitte LLP, Accenture PLC, PWC LLP, and Syntel Inc.