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Global Dashboard Camera Market to Benefit from Vehicular Safety Reforms

Article Description

Dashboard cameras are onboard devices that are used for video recording in real time. Usually used in law enforcement vehicles, rental and commercial vehicles, and private cars, they are attached to the windscreen and are designed to integrate with the vehicle’s dashboard. These devices record videos of events occurring inside and outside vehicles on a real-time basis. 

The global dashboard camera market is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. This is mainly due to the introduction of government reforms that encourage the installation of these cameras for vehicular safety in the event of an accident or an emergency. Vehicles that are equipped with dashboard cameras enjoy the benefits of lower insurance premiums, which is benefitting growth of this market. Installing dashboard cameras is accepted by laws across the world except some European countries, which include Austria, Belgium, and Portugal.

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The demand for dashboard cameras is dependent on several factors. These are equipment cost, ease of installation and maintenance, robustness of the equipment, and other durability parameters. Dashboard cameras are available in a wide price range and video recording capabilities for various classes of vehicles.

Single Lens Dashboard Cameras Dominate Market

The global market for dashboard cameras is segmented on the basis of technology, product type, and geography. By product type, dashboard cameras, smart dashboard camera, and advanced dashboard cameras are the segments of this market.

By technology, the dashboard cameras market is segmented into single lens, multi lens, and rear-view dashboard cameras. In 2013, single lens dashboard cameras contributed the largest revenue in the global market; this segment held the largest volume share in the market as well. This is mainly due to increasing installation of single lens dashboard cameras in motor vehicles due to their usefulness for filing insurance claims, gathering evidence for civil and criminal lawsuits, and other vehicular safety issues. However, multi lens dashboard cameras are expected to emerge as the most attractive product segment for manufacturers to invest in.

Asia Pacific to Display Fastest Growth in Global Market in Future

In terms of geography, North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World are the regional segments of this market. Currently, Asia Pacific represents the largest regional market for dashboard cameras due to their rising popularity among private and commercial vehicle owners. The region is expected to display the fastest growth of all regional segments in terms of both revenue and volume in the coming years. China stands as the largest market for dashboard cameras in the world; Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, South Korea, and Taiwan are other large markets in this region.

North America accounts for a low share in the global market. The relatively low popularity of these devices, combined with stringent traffic regulations and traffic discipline to abide by, is the reason for this. However, in the U.S., the government’s efforts to improve pedestrian safety and reduce causalities will result in increasing demand for these devices in the years to come.

The global market for dashboard cameras is highly fragmented with the presence of several large and small players. Some of these are Delphi Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd, Harman International Inc., Qrontech Co. Ltd., DCS Systems Ltd., Papago Inc., Garmin International Inc., Pittasoft Co. Ltd., and others.