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Global Controlled-release Fertilizers Market Benefits from Rising Set of Application Areas

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Controlled-release fertilizers contain solid mineral nutrients in the encapsulated form, allowing the nutrients to dissolve slowly in water and release over an extended period of time. This method of controlling the release of nutrients in the soil solution, by virtue of encapsulating the nutrient granules in polymeric coatings, is considered effective in making the availability of nutrients coincide with the nutrient requirement of plants.

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Controlled-release fertilizers are a highly popular method of delivering nutrients to nursery container plants but are also commonly used in conventional farming. There are many advantages of controlled-release fertilizers over the conventional ones, the primary ones being improved agronomic safety and diminished toxicity. Controlled-release fertilizers are also known to be less toxic as compared to fast release fertilizers that can easily wash through or off farmlands or lawns and leach into water bodies.

In the past few years, the rising focus on sustainable agricultural practices has led to an increased focus on enhanced efficiency fertilizers such as the controlled-release ones. According to a recent Transparency Market Research Report, the global controlled-release fertilizers market is projected to exhibit a healthy 5.6% CAGR over the period between 2016 and 2024. The market is expected to rise from US$2.41 bn in 2015 to US$3.92 bn by 2024.

In this blog post, we discuss a few major aspects of the market in the present times:

Asia Pacific Leads Global Controlled-release Fertilizers Market:

Asia Pacific is currently the leading regional market for the global controlled-release fertilizers market. In 2015, the region accounted for over half in the global market in terms of volume. China is the fastest growing market for controlled-release fertilizers and is a major producer as well as a major consumer of these products. Some of the world’s biggest producers of controlled-release fertilizers have their manufacturing bases in China. China’s role in the global controlled-release fertilizers market has allowed Asia Pacific to attain the leading position in the market. However, the market in China is expected suffer minor limitations owing to the recent slowdown in the country’s economic growth.

Cereals and Grains Generating Highest Demand for Controlled-release Fertilizers

Controlled-release fertilizers find applications across several crop types, including oilseed and pulses, cereals and grains, fruits and vegetables, turfs, and ornamental plants. However, it is the segment of cereals and grains that leads to a dominant share of the demand for the global controlled-release fertilizers market. In 2015, cereals and crops accounted for a share of over 49% in the global controlled-release fertilizers market. This is majorly because cereals and grains form a core part of traditional diet in several parts of Asia Pacific.

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Rising Set of Applications Boosting Market’s Growth Prospects

While the rising global population and the consecutive need to attain sustainable agricultural produce is one of the major driving forces for the global market for controlled-release fertilizers, the rising set of applications of these products is also a major driving force. The market is gaining significant traction in the lawn care and turf grass industries. This is expected to significantly affect the overall growth prospects of the market in the coming years.