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Global Cleaning Robots market: Rise in Automated Processes to Drive Market Growth

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The rise of automated processes among various business sectors has paved the path for robotic management in the global arena. The field of robotics is expanding its contours from the industrial sector to areas where robots can compete with humans for efficient management of time. The market for cleaning robots is one of the key markets among various segments of the automated processes industry. The usage of cleaning robots as a substitute to manual cleaning is a prominent shift in household management.

The automated systems market has been going through intense competition, with cleaning robots as a major product segment of this industry. The performance, price of the products, battery life, and resultant total cost associated with the system’s operation are the prime competitive factors of the cleaning robots market. The low cost of maintenance of the unit and support service also serve as major competitive aspects. Products compete on basis of the ease of use, reliability, quality, brand, and customer support offered by the manufacturers.

Innovation: Key Growth Driver

The demand from this market is led by innovations and modernization in the field of robotics. Cleaning robots are being made more suited and specialized to cleaning and less costly with the technological enhancements in visualization and sensing equipment. The emergence of the futuristic, highly competitive robotics industry is supporting the innovation of smaller but elaborate and cheaper cleaning robots, boosting the global cleaning robots market.

The cleaning robots market has a 15% penetration in Europe, North America, and Asia. Analysts expect this figure to rise, backed by the increase in awareness about cleaner living conditions among consumers. Robotic vacuum cleaners are effective in ridding a place of dust and allergens. This and the elimination of the need for supervision are the major factors propelling demand for cleaning robots.

Global Home Cleaning Robots Market Propelled by Easy Access to Requisite Technologies

The home cleaning robots market produces an opportunity-rich avenue for the participants on the account of easy availability of requisite technology to build a robotic cleaning system efficiently. iRobot, Samsung, Ecovacs, Yujin, Toshiba, LG, and Philips are the prominent players in the global cleaning robots market.

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The success of iRobot’s home cleaning robot has encouraged several companies to venture into the cleaning robots market. Neato and Hoover are two of the big names following iRobot. At present, iRobot is developing an innovative lawn mowing robot loaded with several qualities such as lowered risk of injuries, less noise, and eco-friendliness.

Market experts anticipate the global home cleaning industry to reach an overall value of US$9.0 billion by 2020 and every household to be equipped with one or more cleaning robots. At present, the vacuum cleaner robots market is set to rise rapidly from US$981 million in 2013 to US$2.6 billion by 2020 on account of the effective cleaning power of these devices.