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Top 10 Factors Fueling Global Breath Analyzers Market

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Used to estimate the level of blood alcohol content via exhaled breath, breath analyzers have been in the market since the 1940s. Over the years, this alcohol detection tool has witnessed major expansion in terms of usage, thanks to consistent research and development efforts in the healthcare sector.

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Leading Forces Contributing to the Growth of the Breath Analyzers Market

Listed below are the top 10 factors that have proven to work in the favor of the global breath analyzers market: 

  • Compared to blood tests, breath analyzers are a preferred tool for blood alcohol estimation owing to its quick, non-invasive, and precise diagnostic features
  • Technological developments in the healthcare industry and in alcohol detection methods have resulted in the growth of the breath analyzers market
  • Excessive alcohol consumption, coupled with increasing incidences of drunk driving, is a major factor boosting the market for breath analyzers
  • The breath analyzers market is supported by strong research and development efforts on the part of academic institutions and manufacturers to come up with breath analysis devices that can be used for the detection of different diseases such as tuberculosis and asthma
  • The demand for fuel cell technology in breath analyzers has received strong impetus owing to reliability, accuracy, and portability of the devices
  • Infrared absorption technology is perfectly suited for desktop evidential alcohol testing machines and this segment is also witnessing strong growth
  • The advent of dual sensor technology is known to hold immense scope for development in the near future
  • Emerging markets in developing countries also present strong opportunities for the breath analyzers market
  • Rising incidence of drug abuse and rising support from the government to curb this problem has also greatly contributed toward the development of the breath analyzers market
  • Surge in lifestyle-associated diseases resulting from excessive smoking and alcohol consumption is also fueling the breath analyzers market.

Performance of Different Regional Markets

Geographically segmenting the global breath analyzers market, the four major regions that emerge are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. North America is by far the largest market for breath analyzers owing to a large section of the population consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs. This is backed by the presence of rigorous government policies that mandate alcohol testing on various occasions.

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The Asia Pacific market for breath analyzers is emerging as a strong contender in the global scenario and is driven by change in lifestyles, rise in drunk-driving cases, growing disposable incomes, and surging demand for advanced healthcare and medical services aimed at the early diagnosis of disorders such as asthma and tuberculosis.

Some of the most promising players operating in the global breath analyzers market are Quest Products, Inc., Dragerwerk Ag & Co. Kgaa, Alcolizer Pty. Ltd., Mpd, Inc., Pas Systems International, Intoximeters, Inc., Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (International), Inc., Lifeloc Technologies, Inc., and Ekips Technologies, Inc.