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Global Body Worn Insect Repellent Market Enjoying Rising Demand from Developing Regions

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The global body worn insect repellent market is still in its nascent stage. Hence, it is projected to register strong growth in the coming few years. Several factors are driving this market. Let’s look at the key market drivers that will propel the global body worn insect repellent market in the years to come.

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Key Drivers of the Global Body Worn Insect Repellent Market

  • Growing Incidence of Insect-borne Diseases: Insect bites can have serious effects on the health of humans. The growing incidence of serious insect-borne conditions such as West Nile virus disease, yellow fever, malaria, Lyme disease, dengue, and chikungunya is driving the demand for products such as body worn insect repellents.
  • Rising Awareness about Effectiveness of Body Worn Insect Repellents: The growing awareness about the effects of insect-borne conditions is making body worn insect repellents popular among consumers. The increasing awareness about the role of body worn insect repellents in reducing the short-term discomfort as well as the long-term travails caused by insect bites is driving their demand greatly in the market.
  • Availability of Products Online: Body worn insect repellents are sold via various distribution channels such as online stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores. A growing number of manufacturers are now selling body worn insect repellent products on their websites as well. The elevated availability of body worn insect repellents online will drive the overall insect repellent apparel market in the coming few years.
  • Growing Availability in Developing Regions: Insect-borne conditions are endemic to sub-tropical and tropical parts of the world and are spreading to temperate regions of the world such as Western Europe due to increasing air travel to and fro Europe. This drives the global market for body worn insect repellents. The growing availability of body worn insect repellents in developing countries such as India and Brazil will further boost the growth of the market.
  • Rising Demand in Various Sectors: The demand for body worn insect repellents is growing in sectors such as oil and mining and agriculture, as these products act as a shied from insect bites while working. This trend will also drive the global body worn insect repellents market significantly.
  • Increasing Research and Development Initiatives: The need for insect repellent clothing has been highlighted by the high number of cases of some insect-borne conditions, such as dengue. Due to this, scientists are stepping up their efforts to create body worn insect repellents that meet the consumer demand for safe and environment-friendly body worn insect repellent apparel.

Although the global body worn insect repellent market will demonstrate healthy growth in the coming few years, it will be suppressed by the stringent regulations in nations such as the U.S., France, and Canada. Organizations such as the FDA and EPA have set rules in place to ensure consumer safety. According to these laws, the safety of insect repellent clothing and its ingredients needs to be substantiated before they are launched in the market.

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