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Global Ambulance Services Industry: Demand for Air Ambulance Services Surges amid Thriving Medical Tourism Sector

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Ambulance services are crucial for the transportation of patients in emergency cases. Effective ambulatory services lead to timely medical intervention for accident victims or patients suffering from chronic illness. The global ambulance services market has been boosted in recent years by the rising geriatric population and a growing prevalence of chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Favourable reimbursement policies and the increasingly popular trend of home healthcare have further propelled the growth of this market. It is projected to expand at a CAGR of 8.3% in the period between 2013 and 2019 and is expected to reach a valuation of USS$29,784.4 mn by 2019.

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Ambulance Services in Northern Emirates Boosted with Addition of 20 New Mercedes Ambulances

In 2012, Europe and North America together accounted for over 80% share in the global ambulance services market. The presence of a large number of ambulance service providers in these regions has contributed towards the growth of the market. However, in the next couple of years, Asia Pacific is projected to witness the highest growth rate, owing to a growing geriatric population, especially in Japan and China.

In the Rest of the World region, the ambulatory services market has registered significant growth in countries such as the UAE. In recent times, the National Ambulance Service in the UAE has announced the modernization of its fleet with 20 new Mercedes ambulances to supplement the 24 ambulances that are already in operation. The earlier fleet of 24 ambulances was sent out over 30,600 times in the first year and was able to provide timely medical treatment to around 33,500 patients with the help of 180 paramedics. Emergency services in Northern Emirates are constantly being improved to provide faster treatment to patients in remote areas.

Lack of Robust Air Ambulance Services Negatively Impacting Organ Donation in India

In terms of mode of transport, the global ambulance services market has been broadly classified into air ambulance services, ground ambulance services, and water ambulance services. Air ambulance services generate the highest revenue for this market. The rise of medical tourism in the countries of Brazil, Thailand, and India have propelled the growth of the air ambulance services segment. In the coming years, the segment is estimated to register the fastest growth in the market. However, the imposition of strict regulation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding the operation of air ambulances might restrain the growth of this segment.

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In the Asia Pacific region, India has a high demand for air ambulance services. Growing awareness about organ donation has led to a rise in number of organ donors in the country. However, a major drawback has been surfacing in the form of poor air ambulance services. For the donation of vital organs such as heart from brain-dead patients and transplantation of these organs into patients located in other cities, robust air ambulance services are highly needed. For heart transplants, the first four hours after the harvest are extremely critical in determining the success rate of transplantations. Hospitals have been tying up with airlines companies to create better services. Government initiatives are also needed to create effective air ambulance services.