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Europe Raw Milk Vending Machine Market to Rise, Thanks to Sizeable Demand for Raw Milk from Smaller European Countries

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Raw milk is the non-homogenized or unpasteurized form of milk. According to some studies, raw milk comprises a number of special nutritional properties. On the other hand, some medical communities warn that there are dangers associated with consuming unpasteurized milk. The regulation and availability of raw milk varies from region to region. While the U.S. government condemns the consumption of raw dairy products, a number of European countries are aggressively installing a number of raw milk vending machines. Europe has also started to promote the use of raw milk via these innovative installations. 

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Raw milk vending machines comprise an automatic dispenser for the dispensing of raw milk into a bottle or container post the successful payment from the end-user. These machines dispense milk collected from buffaloes, cows, sheep, and goats. The reason for the adoption of these vending machines is attributable to the regulation revisions in a number of European countries on the sale of raw milk.

Sale of Milk through Vending Machines a Life Saver for European Farmers

The Europe raw milk vending machine market is predicted to grow in the coming years. The decreasing prices of milk within Europe as well as the suspension of milk quotas in the region have hugely eroded the profits made by the dairy farmers through selling milk to big co-operative organizations. Hence, farmers are on the lookout for novel ways for escalating raw milk sale within the domestic market and thus selling of milk via vending machines has come up as a profitable method for them. In addition, the rising demand for raw milk as well as raw milk products including buttermilk and cheese in Europe is also a key factor predicted to propel the demand for raw milk vending machines within Europe in the coming years.

Positive Future for EU 7 Countries in Raw Milk Vending Machine Market in Europe

The Europe raw milk vending machines market, in terms of geography, is segmented into the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Rest of Europe, and EU7 countries, which include the U.K.

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Amongst these, the region of Rest of Europe is poised to exhibit the swiftest CAGR of 15.10% from 2016 to 2024 on the basis of volume. This is owing to the lack of stringent regulatory environment within small European nations which has promoted the utilization of raw milk vending machines within the Rest of Europe. However, the opposite is true within large nations such as Ireland, Greece, Denmark, and Norway. These countries have implemented a ban on raw milk sale through vending machines. Hence, these restrictions are poised to emerge as key challenges in the growth of the market in the Rest of Europe. On the other hand, the increasing utilization of these vending machines within EU7 countries is predicted to rise in the coming years, particularly within Italy and France.

The prime players operating in the raw milk vending machine market in Europe are Brunimat GmbH, ProMeteA S.R.L., Letina Inox D.O.O., DF Italia S.R.L., Risto Gbr (Risto Vending), The Milk Station Co. Ltd., and Milk Automation S.R.O